truly hope it means…

…what I think it means.

This will get my money if it’s ever out. Tools like that are indispensable – unlike, say, that ‘measure metrics’ plugin.


8 thoughts on “truly hope it means…

    1. It’s nothing like the Bryce stuff…it’s kind of like the Blender system (or at least it was in the older betas…). Probably not going to do the beta…this time around.

      Kettu…measure metrics is very versatile and very useful…but NOT $50 worth. It is the ‘new’ Content Creation Toolkit. I would much rather see it rolled into Studio, like the CCT was. The most I’d pay extra for it is $5, and that’s pushing it. It really should be part of the basic toolkit.

      1. Mike, that’s exactly what I meant: measure metrics’s not worth that price tag and should be in the basic DS functionality. I can well do w/o it, using nulls and omnifreaker’s and mCasual’s scripts. Now, a meaningful particle engine, on the other hand…

        So you were in the beta, awesome. I have a few questions then… Do you know if it’s scripted rendering friendly? And what does it generate RIB-wise, RiPoints? Does it support various 3DL particle types (‘blobbies’, ‘spheres’, ‘streaks’, etc)?

        1. It was the old beta…which has been a few years ago, and I never really tested it with scripted renders. I’ll see if I can find any of the old renders….but I think they are on the unrecovered hard drive. It started out, if I remember, right before DS4 came out…and that’s what killed it for quite a while, because of the SDK change (basically the same thing that stopped Tofusan from updating his Luxrender exporter). It did support the basics of what ever 3DL version that was (9, maybe 10?). It’s been so long…

          This has been ‘shelved’ for several years now.

          1. Oh…forgot to say that FP losing his coder didn’t help it any, either. The code he was left with was bit of a mess…and too dependent on that specific SDK.

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