both sides of the coin

The anti-makeup movement. Both the patriarchally minded machos and the oh-so-progressively minded feminists making cruel fun of those who have to wear makeup.

Of course it’s easy for them – a macho man is, well, a macho man; and a feminist of that sort is either a macho man’s dream come true (i.e. naturally gorgeous) or someone who leads a markedly alternative lifestyle (say, someone who’s very much openly lesbian), so they don’t need to do anything to spare themselves those weird looks that ‘normal people’ in big cities give you when you don’t look good enough but expect to have a certain social standing and to command respect.

Some of those ‘normal people’ are tactless enough to comment, stare or even laugh out loud when they notice there’s something wrong with you.

What I mean is that not every inhabitant of a female body will wear makeup to look ‘sexy’. Sometimes it’s just to look ‘normal’. To get better jobs. To prevent neighbour kids from throwing dirt at you.

There are skin conditions that cannot be fixed. Either at all (say, vitiligo), or it would take expensive treatments without a guaranteed outcome (say, couperosis). There is no beauty in a health issue.

Feminism shouldn’t be about forcing everyone to be the same, think the same and act the same – nobody should be expected to willingly become a laughing stock for others. If it’s your thing, being a ‘freak’ – good for you. But please don’t demand that everyone follow suit. Yes you can brandish whatever psychological ‘research’ you want, labelling us ‘insecure’. Good for you, again. By all means, do go on with your wonderfully healthy mental exercise of feeling superior to your fellow inmates. This prison-like society welcomes all the hate and derision you can muster. It helps reinforce ‘traditional values’ and the hierarchical structure of the human hive.

Why don’t I ever see anyone urging females to ’embrace their natural beauty’ by forgoing depilation of all sorts? No leg shaving, no moustache plucking? If anything, ‘unwanted body/facial hair’ isn’t a health risk, unlike being ‘fat-positive’; on the contrary, any hair removal represents a health risk in and out of itself (yeah, shaving included; what, even the tiniest cut can get infected and kill you!).

…and all the while we are stuck with males who tend to look like horror movie characters.


6 thoughts on “both sides of the coin

  1. Best line: “Feminism shouldn’t be about forcing everyone to be the same, think the same and act the same”. I would go so far as to say not just feminism, but any movement.

    I reckon people should just be who they want to be.

    And I must admit, I am proud of my “horror movie” looks :)


    1. Hi Greg! Glad to see you back, hope the trip was great =)
      Yup, any movement actually.
      I’m not sure you qualify for living horror movies, though. For one, you don’t seem to be the type who stinks of dead flesh or other decaying substances – unlike one too many a Russian male.

        1. That’s great to hear. Hope to read your newest posts when I’m on the computer (the WP app won’t open them =(( )
          Mad scientists are actually cute (and smart!). Prison inmates, medieval peasants and homeless-for-twenty years – not that much. And it’s the latter three types that make up the majority of the local macho males (with the macho kind constituting roughly 90% of male population); then there are straight out drunkard zombie machos… and only about a dozen top soccer players who form the elite ‘glamorous macho’ minority.

          1. I must admit that I am definitely not mucho and never have been! Luckily for me, while Australia has a huge mucho, sport-obsessed segment of males, it’s also generally a live and let live culture where most people are quite pleasant :)

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