No idea why, but it’s a fact

iTunes Russia carries everything – music (regional pricing and the best selection for my tastes), movies (let’s hope for SW EpVII one day because me seeing it in a theatre is unlikely), podcasts (don’t care, prefer reading), Apple -specific software (don’t care, don’t use Apple stuff), books (very limited selection), and, well, that’s all.
That is – everything but TV shows, and I H.A.T.E. it.

I don’t care for movies in general (outside of SW and LotR/Hobbit), but I’m partial to TV (longer stories!!). And rather obscure TV, to boot – okay, DW is a hit, but Haven is not.

I want to watch this last season of Haven like a proper, legit fan. But I can’t because Universal Channel has left Russia this Spring, and the original SyFy channel hasn’t been available for years.



8 thoughts on “No idea why, but it’s a fact

  1. I have Haven in my Netflix queue but who knows when I’ll get to it. My queue is embarrassingly large at this point.

    But hey! I found a Russian series on Hulu — The Three Musketeers. I’ve added it to my queue, but I like watching foreign shows so I’ll probably get to it way before Haven. I should go hunt down some more K-Dramas too, as it’s been a while since I watched one.

    SyFy is doing a series on the books by James S.A. Corey that I really liked, but since I watch so little regular TV I always forget to check schedules. For all I know, it’s playing now. Something to add to my “to do” list.

    1. D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, with Mikhail Boyarsky? That’s a Soviet classic. I hope it’s not overdubbed in your country but subtitled – it’s basically a musical, and even though I hate musicals as a genre, that show really works because the songs are awesome. The lyrics are very nice, too, which is damn hard to do in Russian.

        1. Ah, that one… neither my parents nor me were impressed with it. The Soviet school of acting was one of a kind; a lot seems to have been lost over the turmoil of the 90s when the state could not fund the universities properly (well, it’s still damn hard to survive if you work in higher education, but in the 90s it was much worse).

        1. I found the cast on wikipedia at last, and I’m sort of not impressed LOL That girl from del Toro’s movies is bad enough (I hate everything connected with del Toro).
          But hey, it can’t be worse than GoT.

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