Andrew Glassner, ‘Principles of Digital Image Synthesis’ (legally free)

What I have been reading on and off for the last few months. There is a lot of mathematics in there, but I still think that it should be close to mandatory curriculum material for, y’know, everyone out there who dares call themselves “render artists” or whatever.

Like, before you ever dare to utter “biased vs unbiased” in some forum, you should really understand what it means. Mathematically. Not in the “oh unbiased renderers are like light simulators” starstruck kiddie way.

Because that “definition” is actually wrong, y’know.

Either way: the book is legally free. There is no charge incurred if you download and read it. So, no real excuse not to.


2 thoughts on “Andrew Glassner, ‘Principles of Digital Image Synthesis’ (legally free)

  1. You know, without it being $29.97, with 30% intro rate, or 60% off if you buy 2 other items, coming with metadata, an installer, 57 tutorials and something to wipe a nose…I don’t think those that NEED to read it, will.

    1. Bingo. I hate it how the community has grown to blindly trust everything coming from shops and “PA”s, all the while disregarding other sources… I mean, if I become a PA and get a following, then there will be people who will trust my hypothetical RIGGING TUTORIALS?! That scares me.

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