about to update to Win10

supposing the missing files download in time.

Found out I do need to increase the TDR value to get Substance Painter to export “production complexity” textures at 4096 resolution. The developers in the forums say the new value should be rather high.

edgechallenge_ravenous_testA This is a car paint material done following the guidelines in the “Layered BRDF” paper (rougher aluminium-like metallic reflection + heavily tinted varnish: even the reflection is tinted around 50%); but I think it could look better with a somewhat different approach (with the underlying metal being coloured). The shader is RadiumFabricPlus. The car model is a ShareCG freebie “Edge Challenge” by Ravenous.

angela_hair_test1 While browsing Michele’s steampunk resource links, I also found a free hairstyle and free clothing for Mankahoo’s free Angela figure. So I decided to see what could be done with her. And… wow. Yeah she’s Poser-rigged and rather “oldschool”, but I am actually considering getting her full commercial version one day (when I have the money) – because I really like the face (a base I found awesome for making very pretty characters) and expression morphs. I replaced the eyes with Arki’s EYEdeas, though, because I couldn’t be bothered to make an iris morph at the time. I realise that when it comes to clothing, Angela will be likely limited to a few scavenged freebies, dynamics and custom models, but hey, it’s the same with, say, Kirwyn’s K (apparently not available anymore, which is a shame; she renders fine to this day). I need to push myself into modeling more, y’know.

And when there are freebie providers like this releasing amazing stuff for G2F, you know I can’t be bothered…

75% Win10 downloaded.


5 thoughts on “about to update to Win10

  1. I will! I actually hope Win10 is going to cure the BSoD that DS persistently creates if launched right after an upgrade to the GeForce drivers or when the OS awakens from hibernation.

    1. Hibernation has always been more trouble than it’s worth…if not on a laptop. 90+% of hibernation problems are hardware (or possibly driver, but usually just hardware) related and it’s more due to it not ‘syncing’ properly as opposed to being ‘broken’ in any way. Laptop hardware, on the other hand is selected to mesh together very tightly and avoids lots of those problems. Sometimes you can ‘brute force’ it to work by using a huge power supply, so all the hardware waking up, instantly, isn’t going to hammer one of the voltage rails too hard.

      1. It is a laptop.
        It’s the same thing I have mentioned already – DS launch on either of these conditions being a reliable trigger for a BSoD and my GeForce driver going bananas for a while (until I muck around with conflict resolving in the “device manager” – supposing it’s called this way in the English Windows because mine is obviously Russian). I haven’t yet tried invoking the crash on Win10 (I sort of don’t want to do it on purpose), but holy hell. DS after the whole Iray integration thing started doing that to me, and it’s the only program that so much as crashes my system.

        What I need to see is – if I discover the BSoD persists on Win10 – is if one of the DS betas I still have does the same or not. Because I had to disable Iray in the “normal” DS, it was too crash-prone, and that beta works fine.

    1. I will! I actually hope Win10 is going to cure the BSoD that DS persistently creates if launched right after an upgrade to the GeForce drivers or when the OS awakens from hibernation.

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