feelin’ gamey tonite, ain’t we


Basically, you could just swap “Poland” with “Russia” here, and get the whole story about the beginning of local game industry. But the problem is that we don’t really have anything as viable here as CDPR has always been. I think there are some gamedev studios in Russia, and some may even have had some sort of a success… in genres I never cared for… but CDPR is one of a kind.

You see, when years ago I stumbled across GOG.com, I had no freakin’ idea it was anyhow connected to any gamedev studio. I was simply happy to have found a website where to buy (digitally; cheap) those ancient games that I grew to love. Cuz I’m that weird person, I always want to express a kinda meaningful gratitude to those whose work I enjoy.
And what’s more meaningful than money?

Of a side note… It actually makes me damn sad that it’s not customary here to say nice things to a stranger. Because you know how much I hate the humankind in general, so whenever I see someone in the street who somehow brightens my day… I truly want that person to know it.
But of course I know that person won’t care (at best).
Some may even get offended if offered money, y’know.


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