this should’ve been a dream come true…

…because in this li’l Finnish band which plays this sort of energetic pop rock there are two musicians whom I love too much for my own good: Ms Maya and Hessu Maxx. The latter is an amazing rock drummer whose talent is basically being wasted in a commercial pop/comedy band (but hey, whatever pays the bills), and the former is one of the best non-classical female singers I have ever heard, period. Okay, Maija is using her full legal name now, but hey, I won’t expect those who don’t speak Finnish to remember it. “Maija” sounds close enough to English “Maya”, either way.

The issue is lyrics. I can’t seem to connect, at all. Did I mention I can’t love a band if I cannot relate to what they sing about, even in a purely contemplative way?

And then, in some songs there are those male vocals by herra Laaksone – and these are exactly the kind of male vocals I hate with a passion. Joran Elane’s band Elane has too much of a very similarly bland singer as well… so I won’t post any songs with those vocals, okay?

Here, have some live Maija and friends:

In 2017 it will be ten years I’ve been a fan of hers… actually her old band Deathlike Silence was very important for me on a personal level. Like way too many of my favourites, they are basically no more. Sad. There is another band by this name now, so don’t mix them up.


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