still rockin’

just when I thought I lost them for good as well – I notice they have had a new video up for a few months!

Setanera. My Italian love. One of the few “female fronted bands” who don’t do it all in (heavily accented) English. Which is always a plus for me. Hey, I may be biased because I am able to make out the gist of most Romance languages by ear (same for Finnish and German), and I have no problem using a dictionary to figure out the meaning in more detail, but even when it comes to Hungarian of which I know two words precisely (“house” and “dove”, if you’re curious) – I’d rather have the native thing, please. As much as possible. Mix it with English, if you wish, but don’t starve the listener. It’s way less boring that way.

This is the newest video…

And this is the song which got me hooked originally (I think it came from one of the early World of Glass promos, so get them; the link is a few posts below).


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