gettin’ there

shinyfakewater Fake but promising… the yellow cylinders are 5 m tall (the faraway one is sticking from the bottom of the “pool” so looks much shorter due to refraction). You can’t really see it here, but the vertical cylinders will get darker with depth. As clearly does the bottom (it slopes away with distance, kinda like a seabed). Yay.

The amplitude is 0.01. Distance enhancer should be left alone… it makes the gradient too steep, and at “pool scale” we want it smooth. Absorption colour is what should be adjusted mostly to get different water FX.

There’s a 0.01 refract/reflect roughness here. It’s GGX which is the slowest model even being implemented at the renderer level in 3Delight, and I don’t know if it’s possible to pass separate roughness values to trace() here (it does both refraction and reflection in one call). But with geo shells, it should be possible to overlay a perfect smooth reflective layer over a more “murky” refractive water.

Could look even better being not a displaced plane but a water-sim mesh output. Then caustics could also be used (they need the “other side” of the medium to get generated; a plane won’t work).


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