not really volumetric

depthtestBut maybe close enough. If I feed the attenuation function with the distance travelled by the ray, it’s what we get, and if we look hard enough, the sticks get darker when they’re deeper and lighter when closer to the surface. // the test object is actually quite thick – take a look at the image on the right that shows another angle… and a reflection // depthtest_refl

This is your basic tableware scale, though. I can’t seem to figure out the parameters for getting the same effect at pool scale (yeah, I still want to fake a volumetric water): the gradient is barely there; maybe it should be very low “volume” values and high “distance enhancer” values to work when it’s that huge. Or maybe it’s just wrong trying to test it with a single poly plane.

Does anyone have a coloured glass bowl like this? Mine are all transparent, I can’t really understand if it looks right. bowl_poser10content_upside


9 thoughts on “not really volumetric

  1. No…explain, quite a few…coherently, not a damn one.

    Now, I’ve got to play around with fog again for this month’s freebie challenge render…and this one is something else. It’s way too big to render in Studio (32 bit) so it must be done in the standalone…and without the fog it’s a beast. I hate to think how long it will take with it…

      1. A bazillion transmapped leaves for starters…

        Changing a couple of things around and doing a different geometry export from Blender (dropping subD on the meshes and applying it in Studio, instead) cut it down from an almost 400 MB RIB to 199MB…and sped up the render from 12+ hrs to just under 5 (even at a higher resolution image).

  2. Sorry all mine are clear, too…

    I’ve seen some nice ocean/water shaders (but not the code), but they are for Maya or something else. It has to be doable as there are movies that used 3DL that great looking water.

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