quick update

Remember the Anne image that had UV issues and to which I wanted to add spec-based glow in post? I did that, and I’m going to post the render to dA in a few days.

The new UV isn’t perfectly flat (because I wasn’t in the mood to spend much time fussing with it, and didn’t do much outside of re-unwrapping a morphed OBJ export with the LSCM method in Silo), but at least the distortion isn’t that bad. And as for HDR-aware glow, I found the Blender compositor “Glare” node to work very well.


2 thoughts on “quick update

  1. If I get around to it, I’ll make some projection morphs for her. I’ve been itching to try Sickleyield’s tut on the process, so she’s probably a good one to work with.

    I’ve found that G3F is more sensitive to those types of distortions…not sure if it’s because things are set to tighter tolerances so that the clothes follow the geometry more closely or the included projections/clone/corrections are ‘tighter’…but something has changed.

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