would anyone here happen to know…

…if the “Daz 3D” website restyling and adoption of that Ctulhu-face logo means the actual DS logo will change, too?


3 thoughts on “would anyone here happen to know…

  1. Probably…that’s one thing I’ve found to be constant, especially in the artistic mindset…everything must change, because ‘stale’ (read, it’s been this way for years and everybody knows it’s us…think AwfulSoul/AerySoul/AeonSoul or whatever other combinations of AS they’ve come up with over the years) needs to be changed, so we’ll confuse everyone into not thinking it really is us.

    1. Don’t get me started on the AS thing! LOL I still haven’t forgiven them for pulling some stuff I really really wanted.

      I don’t like the face logo. It’s creepy as hell IMO. I was going to make more compact-looking render “watermarks” (Cath’s are nice, but damn huge), and while the old DS icon is very cool, almost like the Penrose tribar, I don’t want to see that creepy face in my own stuff =) Besides, it’s multicoloured.

      So I guess I’ll only use the 3DL logo.

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