one thing I’d miss about dA premium…

…is advanced stats. It’s one of the few reasons I’m still thinking about renewing.

So, here’s my top three for today. All rather old.

III: 679 views

I have a bad feeling… by mustakettu85 on DeviantArt

II: 711 views (that’s actually surprising; was it featured anywhere without my knowledge?)

Annie Skywalker – what if Anakin were a girl by mustakettu85 on DeviantArt

I: 858 views (this was even copied by some website once, and “art theft” isn’t what happens to my stuff actually… so that was an honour =))

Heretic: Entering the Cathedral by mustakettu85 on DeviantArt

I actually prefer the sequel, the Hexen fanart because this time I did everything myself (and not copypasted a DAZ skeleton skull around – of course I did credit where it came from) – but it only has 335 views as of now:

Unveiling the Heresy by mustakettu85 on DeviantArt

Ah well. Maybe later.


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