No, really. I mean – you can’t deny Morrowind’s place in CRPG history, but. Nobody really likes Skyrim fanboys who next to drool on their Dovah collectible figurines.

But Morrowind fanboys are no better.

I mean… TES did not start with Morrowind. It didn’t end with it, either. Neither did CRPG history.

Whining constantly about how no other game could ever hope to compare with Morrowind is, well, rather immature.

No amount of pretentious claims like “the first two titles were generic fantasy” (generally uttered by someone who never played them) will fix that attitude.

I’m younger than some of those fanboys (actual gender identity varies). But I’m old enough to remember how Morrowind was considered to be ‘BethSoft selling out’.

It – to be precise, the community reaction to it – set the tone, that’s for sure.


8 thoughts on “morrowhat?

      1. I miss those older games…you had to actually think and use your imagination with them…they weren’t all eye-candy. Now, I’m not saying eye-candy is all bad, but now, it is more often a replacement for a good plot/story. (or an excuse for not doing more)

  1. Morrowind was NOT the first game in the series, so I don’t know what they are all going on about. Without the other two, there could be no 3 or 4 or 5, so maybe they should grow up a little and realize that HISTORY does matter…and exist. And maybe if they weren’t so damn jaded and overloaded with ‘eye candy’ they’d realize that the first two games in the series are really something else…something that needed to happen in order for their ‘precious’ to even be able to exist. Even though Morrowind is MY favorite out of the whole series, all of them are great games.

    1. Yeah, half of that crowd is the ‘eye candy’ guys; the other half are Michael Kirkbride worshippers. I mean, while Kirkbride is a major jerk as a person (it’s never been a secret), he did great work on the series, and I love a lot of his writing and designs. But – first of all, MW was _not_ a one-man show. Besides, dismissing the first two chapters altogether means dismissing the work of Ted “Sheo” Peterson, who was IIRC project lead on DF and wrote much (if not all) of the main quest, and later contributed as much to MW lore as Kirkbride (2920 alone would have been enough to warrant a shrine, but there’s much, much more), and then there were Shivering Isles, of course…

      Maybe if these folks actually bothered to play Daggerfall at least, maybe they’d be able to see that the only ‘generic’ thing were those pointy wizard hat designs an’stuff. Arena did have a more ‘linear’ storyline, with fewer surprises (of which DF MQ pethaps had even more than the MW one), but it had its strong points, some pf which are fairly rare even in modern games.

      1. Ah…but think about it, when Arena came out. What was there, other than linear story lines?

        The ‘fanboys’ remind a lot of British football fans…with even less ‘culture’.

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