random newsletter recap

GOG.com: a yet another huge sale of The Witcher franchise. 30% off the brand new TW3, 60% off the “Adventure” and a whopping 85% off the first two titles. No excuse not to try them out, I’d say.

Xurge3D: Labour Day sale, 50% off.

DAZ3D: tricky-math sales galore; the promo renders are getting better on average; the actual products are generally not what I’d ever use.

Rant under the cut. Big’un.

I’m actually okay with ‘real-world’ skimpwear because hey, people actually do wear a lot of it (at least here in Moscow) – but ‘real-world’ doesn’t include sexualised versions of ‘police uniforms’ and the like. That I see as degrading to actual police officers. And yeah, I know some people wear that sort of stuff – to Halloween parties or to their bedrooms. But here my right to be biased kicks in: I dislike non-horror themed Halloween stuff, and I don’t want to see anyone’s fetishes on display.
Me being me, what I just said concerns whatever gender. “Sexy nurse” outfits are not classy whether male or female.
But what I plain out hate is “fantasy”-styled skimpwear. Especially “fantasy warrior” type of armoured bikinis (or “barbarian” armoured fur socks). Especially if there is a word like “Elven” in the product name.

Okay, I do have some of that stuff. Mostly free or bought very cheap. For mixing elements with other clothing, and repurposing into actual bikinis or winter footwear (some of these feature neat modeling work… at least, when textured; in the Poserverse, looking at the wireframe is way too often not for the faint of heart).

But there is very little anything else that comes out in the “fantasy” style. Especially “fantasy warrior” kinda stuff. Those Xurge3D outfits are but a few, and they get recognisable fairly quick – I can spot them from a distance. Sure as hell I do plan to retexture a lot – a lot of those textures are too lores for closeups in 2015 – but I suspect the very modeling style will stand out. And it’s a yet another problem – Xurge only works in a “Xurgey” style. Like most artists. Someone as creatively challenged as me collects premade models not only for the sake of saving time (in theory, haha) – but to have variety.

But if I plain cannot have variety because no-one makes it…

Making stuff myself ain’t the best answer either. I can’t do un-Kettu stuff. It will still be ‘hey, they shop at the same boutique’ kinda look.

It’s okay for some stories – for my own stories. But not for fanart.

You’d think, with me primarily using Genesis, kitbashing should be easy. Gen3 to G2 stuff to choose from.

But I was appaled at how few good pant models are out there. Your basic conforming pants (dynamic would be lovely, but the choice is beyond limited for DS, and detailing is non-existent). With a bit of wrinkling. With believable seams/buttons. With boot-fit morphs. Maybe it’s only my product library. But I thought I’d been buying pant-based clothing models for years. And very few pants don’t fall apart under close scrutiny.

There are nice jeans by several vendors, but jeans are so distinctive-looking (even sans denim textures – think those characteristic pockets!), very few “fantasy” worlds would be able to absorb the style without suspension of disbelief bursting at the seams.

Okay. Those were ‘hero’ pants. Maybe it would be easier for background characters. Where a lo-poly mesh could work, sans Sub-D or smoothing (this makes a lot of older meshes fall apart in a snap). But still.

Most of the really horrible, no-detail, no-morph, no-anything, just-like-freshly-extruded-tubes pants came from “fantasy” outfits.


Same for shoes. I’m actually damn lucky that, say, those good ole Treadz fit the descriptions in pan Sapek’s books almost word for word. But most “fantasy” shoes are those shapeless WTF foot coverings. That don’t look half like historical footwear either.

Let alone the fact that quality shoes that male-identified or simply practically-minded folks could wear are farrr an’few in any style.


9 thoughts on “random newsletter recap

    1. The overabundance of said “elven tunics” on the market might be the reason why all those pants are so sketchy (for all it’s worth, they could be second skin textures). But tunics isn’t what everyone wears all over the Multiverse. Not all the time, that’s for sure.

      And now that you mentioned those tunics, I’m about to start ranting about how all the flowy fabric panels only look acceptable when dynamic (outside of a choice few poses), and that we need a proper dynamic sim for DS, with arbitrary mesh importing; and then I’ll start whining about lack of particles again. Which will only waste everybody ‘s time even worse.

              1. And I know my Russian isn’t good enough for it…great-grandmother phrases don’t exactly make one proficient in the language (but I do some not so ‘nice’ words in Gaelic from my Irish great-grandmother).

  1. That was a righteous rant!

    I’m lucky my interests are primarily contemporary, historical/faux-historical fantasy, and steampunk; those are fairly easy to find or kit-bash.

    Xurge has an odd tendency toward adding skirts to everything, so I was surprised when his Fantasy Rogue for Dawn did not. But you’re right, he has a “look.” Still, he has some the most sensible male and female fantasy & sci-fi outfits around.

    I very much dislike tube pants. It’s one of the reasons why I prefer promos which include an untextured image, and one with material zones is even better.

    1. There are indeed quite a few beautifully made contemporary and steampunk outfits out there. I actually switched to primarily buying those some time ago, once I realised that new “fantasy” stuff coming out is either skimpwear or those equally impractical LotR-style robes. Not that many steampunk ones seem to come with pants, though. And thank you very much for including untextured shots in your kitbashing posts, these are invaluable. I will definitely referring back to them when I get down to dressing the ladies.

      Skirt-like parts in military kinda garb can be justified (there are major arteries in the thighs, so there’s always that balance between freedom of movement and protection). What I wish Xurge would do is expand their shoe/boot styles more. As they are, they are almost identical from outfit to outfit. Xurge has very solid modeling skills, so this similarity gotta be an artistic decision =( But I’m sure that separate boot sets in a more fanciful (which is actually at the same time more practical) style, with laces, buttons etc – these should sell well.

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