QA? What QA?!

Kettu being annoyed again. Nothing new.

Geralt’s eyes – the witcher’s eyes – could see each and every imperfection‘ (c) A.Sapkowski, translation mine; Geralt keeps hating himself for this (when dealing with women especially), and boy isn’t it sooo me…

I’ve been going through my texture library rather meticulously, and b’vec, aren’t those “quality standards” plain atrocious. Okay, stuff looks great in promos or quick tests. But when you take a closer look…

Bump maps displaying horrendous compression artefacts. Eye maps with irises, pupils and scleras all leaking outside their UV boundaries. I’m not even talking about actual colour content of sclera maps – half of which are sad remainders of the forgone time, what with all the fake shadow burned in, and the other half was shot in a wine cellar after a good night’s company of said wine… and of course, my favourite – irises with burnt-in reflections. Not all of these are fifteen years old even – Teen Lance anyone?

UV scaling and subsequent issues: particularly evident in Iray when you forget about texture resizing, but there are textures that are simply glaring examples of why body maps for DAZ figures should actually be done at higher res than face maps (because whenever there’s contrast’y detail, you see where they meet and it throws you off big time). Maybe G3 has perfect UV scaling, but I don’t care. I only know that I’m lucky most of my characters don’t have neck stubble or anything like tattoos around those seams.

I don’t think I ever complain about, say, hair textures – because making them is trivial for me; I have a collection of resources personal, free and commercial. Same for props – if anything, I can always set up a tile-based material and even remap stuff if it’s real bad. But I hate photo-based character texturing and UV mapping organic figures. I wouldn’t be buying that stuff if I liked making it all myself.

The way it is – a lot of work goes into assembling a perfect texture Frankenstein for every recurring character I need. Because I just can’t bring myself to using that beautiful couple of Mec4D sets on everyone.

And then people keep wondering for years what characters that crazy Fox is talking about. Because I don’t like showing half-baked work.


20 thoughts on “QA? What QA?!

      1. What I can’t get is people sticking up for the PA saying…’but they put a lot of work into that…’

        By all that’s holy, if they actually put enough work into it to warrant the 30 dollar asking price, I damn well expect it to at least make an attempt at mimicking reality or be labeled ‘fantasy’ or some such weasel word.

          1. Yeah, after finding that…$30 for a half-assed building that looks like a reject from ContentParadise just doesn’t make sense…and it exports very nicely. It’s going to take a while to get everything exported…but

            And not only is it free…but it is FREE (as in CC0)!

            I’d stack it up against anything that Jack Tomlin or Stonemason have released…now I would pay $30 for some of their sets…but most of them don’t cost that much!

  1. That’s what clothes are for….oh right, the typical render has less clothing than the average traveler, AFTER the airline lost their luggage.

    1. Why does wordpress do this to me…it posts on me sometimes when I’m not finished…


      Don’t get me started on this…or some stupid stuff done with modeling.

      The whole idea of using premade, stock textures/models is so we don’t HAVE to spend the time making them ourselves…but I could have probably made the teaset I used in the this month’s Freebie Challenge for all the work I put into fixing the problems with it (the person who made it seems to be stuck in about the year 2002 for modeling…for Poser, of course)…and that’s because, since Iray came out, in Studio, my first choice to use has vanished from the web, because the creator of it thinks it’s a great idea to get rid of all their old 3DL stuff…

      1. WP is nasty in many regards =( but all blogging platforms seem to be, in some way or other.

        Whoa, that’s prime. Since when are models tied to a renderer?

        But yeah. Just the amount of bad normals in some stuff is astonishing. And not necessarily free stuff either.

        More grumbling: everyone and their uncle is suddenly putting out Iray lightsets. Commercial ones. For a price of a couple of those, you can buy a photography book. For free, you can learn a lot of the same stuff from the web. Making money of very basic, hardly ‘creative’ things like that – instead of educating the userbase – feels unethical to me. I dislike Dreamlight for a thousand reasons, but at least he tried to ‘enlighten’ the community.

        1. There are several, they don’t have digital camera information, obviously, available for free from…the basics of photography haven’t changed much in the past 100 years.

    2. =D
      With all the ‘pinup’ [SEHT] going on in the community, it’s actually really interesting why there are so many faulty textures out there. Wowie found something wrong about the Elite series even.
      Clothing won’t help much in what I’ve been running into lately – the issue is right below the chin. If a male texture has any sort of a beard there, the discrepancy will tend to show.

      1. Yeah, you need a fiber beard to hide it.

        Part of the problem is that all the PAs are using the same basic two or three resource sets! For years, almost all M4 and even newer M5 sets have the left nipple offset by a few pixels…because the ONE main M4 resource set has the left nipple offset.

        Speaking of normals…guess what I was doing, in Blender last night…to a hair mesh that was giving me fits?

        If you guessed going panel by panel and flipping the normals you would be 100% correct. After doing that, all the ‘too thin’, odd splotches and other erratic behavior disappeared.

        1. good.grief. And these are people calling themselves ‘professionals’.

          Maaan, that’s just so unfair you had to waste time fixing that. Was it a free mesh at least?

          1. Yeah, it is a freebie…but I suspect that the problems with some of the paid ones are going to be the same. And the same with the glass problem, Iray OR PP (physically plausible) 3DL shaders, are only going to make the faults more obvious.

            1. Damn…I was right. A rather expensive hair, by a very well known PA who specializes in hair…normals are going everywhere.

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