Bethesda Softworks launches a storefront and brings Battlespire and Redguard back!!

Battlespire. Redguard.

I have been dreaming of this for years.

And buyers also get the first two TES ‘proper’ titles, Arena and Daggerfall, which should come with a trusty no-hassle installer. Yeah, these have been legally free for years, but there were no official installers for post-MSDOS-based systems, only fan-made ones, with the Arena package being continually frowned upon by the TES forum mods. This must’ve kept a few potential players away.

Y’know… I’m not much of a true gamer to judge any random game’s quality objectively, especially if we aren’t talking realtime action CRPG, but I’ve been a TES fan for next to half my life. So when it comes to realtime action CRPGs, I know a thing or two simply due to experience. And from that PoV, while Morrowind holds a cult status because of its unique setting and storyline, and Skyrim had that crazy commercial success, but if you ask me, the most groundbreaking game-as-a-game was Daggerfall. And Arena, when viewed in the context of it being a 1994 release, is no less amazing. It’s just that Daggerfall is even better, even when compared to contemporary realtime action CRPGs. Only The Witcher series and Divine Divinity are in the same league IMO (but not every Divinity game is a realtime one).

But of course, it all depends on what you want from a realtime action CRPG…


4 thoughts on “at.long.last.

    1. Yeah… the whole series was 20 last year (March 1994 was when Arena came out). I was kinda late to the party (2001)… but early enough to remember Morrowind being dubbed a ‘sellout’ on some forums =) Funny how these days the fandom has a lot of people like ten years older than me, whose first game was Morrowind.

    1. I’d only read horror stories about the process, Redguard in particular. It’s the first time these two are officially available in Russia, I think (and they weren’t easy to find back in the 90s times of pirated CDs – the underdogs didn’t get much attention from pirates cuz way less chance of quick buck). And I’m kinda happy I won’t have to bother with install troubles for my looong avaited playthrough =)

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