What’s so wrong about ‘choice’?

I might’ve mentioned it already that certain aspects of ‘transgender’ culture don’t play well at all with the particular feminist ideas I’m after.

You see, every day I (irrationally; desperately) hope to wake up tomorrow into a society where a person’s physical sex is only relevant to their doctor, and not to the legal system or random strangers in the street. I have lived here for thirty years, and the longer I live, the less I understand the obsession with all things gendered. Just the idea of separating people into ‘men’, ‘women’, ‘intersexed’, ‘transsexual’ – it’s alien to me.

‘Gender’ is a choice of clothing and mannerisms. What’s so special about that?

Why do people need to “scientifically prove” there “exist” people “born into a wrong body”, and that ‘wrongness’ isn’t some debilitating disease but biological sex? Why don’t we just accept it that some people simply want to have different genitals and/or a different social presentation (as compared to the sort ‘normally’ associated with their type of sexual organs in a particular culture)? We have accepted that people in general can define the way they look – they can choose to work out beyond basic health requirements or not; have their legs broken to extend their height; have their breasts enlarged and other artificial things done to their bodies… or not. It’s a choice. For which others have no right to demand a ‘reason’. You want it; you do it. You don’t need to scientifically prove your ideal Platonic body has a D cup or whatever.

// Or – in way too many cases – you don’t do it, if you don’t have money. That’s a sad part of the capitalist world, but pure politics is an even worse topic to discuss; suffice it to say that I don’t believe that an anarcho-communist – i.e. in which no money exists – utopia is possible before humans learn to be truly rational, a huge part of which is leaving any and all irrational prejudice behind //

Why cannot ‘gender’ be accepted as a choice? If it’s just a sum of other choices?

I can only suspect the fundamentalist-induced, conformist social programming at work. Celebrating ‘traditional values’ over anything else; values that make no sense in the 21st century when humanity is not in danger of dying out due to someone spilling their semen into a wrong orifice or into no orifice at all. Because there are no _logical_ reasons for why human societies allow the detrimental concept of ‘gender’ to exist anymore. These days, it only creates social tension (‘genders’ stereotype each other and especially those who don’t fit their classification of other ‘genders’), leading to neuroses and wasted money (think of people chasing those intangible ideas of ‘femininity’/’masculinity’).

Let people have whatever sexual organs, clothing, hair and speech patterns they _desire_. Nobody should weigh their inner ideas of well-being against a meaningless external stereotype.

Let people worry about truly important choices (say, if a couple wants biological kids, it would be damn wise to figure it out first if their union is at risk of producing offspring suffering from debilitating diseases).


2 thoughts on “What’s so wrong about ‘choice’?

  1. It undermines how some people perceive the world, and that can be unsettling. Unfortunately a large number of people respond to this feeling by ramping up their belief in their paradigms rather than take the mental and emotional challenge of examining and analysing them.

    1. I think you put it very well, Greg. Challenge. Exactly.

      PS Mobile WP trouble continues: the Android app I use does not let me comment on your blog anymore at all, not even replying works anymore :(. So I’m sorry that it’s taking me so long to respond to your posts … I will when I’m on the PC. Hope that’s okay.

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