next year on the 10th of August…

…Hansi Kürsch will be fifty.

Do you think I can believe that?!

Yes I guess by far you have all realised I’m close to being obsessed with BG on the whole and herr Kürsch in particular. But that’s life. And I’m like that.

Hans Jürgen Kürsch. A simple German guy who is living proof to the fact that sometimes – very rarely, and yet! – talent, dedication and integrity are enough to have a successful three decade career in commercial music. Although calling BG “commercial” by today’s standards is a mere technicality.

I know I will never be half as good as he is. It’s too late; in more ways than one. But folks like him, well, they give me hope that humanity isn’t lost. Yet.

Endless articles and reviews have been written about BG’s music and Hansi’s voice. But what not many critics seem to emphasise is how expertly he marries lyrics and music, and how deep he can get inside a character’s psyche. It takes more than a musician’s skill; it takes being an actor and a storyteller.

Under the cut you will find a handful of songs written and performed from the point of view of various personalities found in literature: Fëanor son of Finwë; Captain Ahab; Elric of Melniboné; Mordred; Jesus Christ; Lucifer.




…and a live version because, well, I don’t like Charlie Bauerfeind’s studio production that much; and because, well, try singing this live, eh? Audience help or not; Mi Schüren’s backing vox safety net with the craziest register jumps or not… it’s a testament to the skills and a trial thereof.

…an acoustic version…

…and a live electric. The studio original is electric, too, and Imaginations (the album it’s from) has amazing studio production, but – IMO – live every song has more impact. And yes, Hansi’s almost forty-nine in this video. The original song is from 1995.




6 thoughts on “next year on the 10th of August…

    1. But thank you =) I haven’t yet really done much legit ‘introducing’ here, it’s mostly been this or that from a selected few of my top favourites =) I keep meaning to do a series of features on the rest of my fave list (like, the one I have on one of the static pages here), but don’t really know where to start… alphabetic order is boring.

  1. I don’t have much BG, but what I do have, I like.

    Yes, I have very ‘eclectic’ musical tastes…the ‘classics’, classic rock and all sorts of stuff in between…Albannach, Cultus Ferrox, Barbarian Pipe Band…Pink Floyd, The Who…Bach, Mozart, yeah…’eclectic’.

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