converting textures between UVs of the same figure (with a related bonus how-to at the end)

Think Genesis2: there are a few UV sets for these figures, some come with it by default (Base and V5/M5), some need to be purchased separately. And of course with a load of patience you can make your own UV sets, but that’s not my area of expertise at all (I’m one of those who dislike the very process of UV mapping).

So. We have Genesis2 and a set of textures for a Genesis2-specific UV set (like Olympia). And we want to load those textures onto an older figure like Genesis.

There is a converter built-in right inside DAZ Studio. It may not be the world’s best one, but it’s still nice enough for many purposes, and hey, it’s free.

Its only downside is that it will only convert between UVs of the same figure. So we need a Genesis-compatible UV on Genesis2. Out of the free ones, we can use the V5/M5 mapping. Or, if you have any of the commercial “Gen4 for G2” UV sets, you can use that.

1. Load your Genesis2 character that you want to convert to Genesis.
2. In the Surfaces tab menu (that triangle-over-lines button), select “Map transfer”. A dialogue window pops up.
3. Now, the key thing is to right-click in the “Template” empty space on the left and select “New template”. A “Template1” will appear.
4. Select the surfaces you want by Ctrl-clicking: use the ones that share a map set for best results. Drag and drop them onto “Template1”.
5. Select all the surfaces you added to the “Template1” and set the “Target UV” to M5/V5 or M4/V4. Actually you can select target UVs for each surface separately, but we don’t need that feature right now.
6. Now click on the “Template1” itself. Here you can set up the folder where the converter will dump the results, the image format (I suggest PNG; it features lossless compression), and the bake quality (why not turn it all the way up).
7. Repeat for other map sets (for skin, these are face, torso and limbs, so add two more templates and group the surfaces according to the screenshot).
It then makes sense to save the preset (there are “save” and “load” buttons).
8. Now click “accept” and give DS a few minutes to do its job. It will process all the maps loaded: diffuse, specular, bump, you name it.
9. Now you can apply these maps manually onto your Genesis (the map sets are grouped by name in the surfaces tab: the “1_” prefix is for face, “2_” is for torso, “3_” for limbs). Don’t forget to set the UV you converted to!


BTW, did you know that applying a DUF material preset will transfer UVs between G2F and G2M? This way, you can use “male” skins on the “female” figure, and the other way around. And here is a small extra how-to for this post… getting extra UVs for your G2 figures.

I’m using the M4 UV for G2M because I don’t have the V4 for G2F; but it should be the same.

1. Load your M4, apply any character. Save out a DUF material preset for this character (yes it makes a difference; Genesis2 onwards only takes DUFs). You can delete M4 now.
2. Load your G2M, apply the newly-created DUF. You will see the surfaces are all wonky; select them all in the Surfaces tab and click “Michael 4” in the “UV Set” dropdown (type “UV” in the search box if you can’t seem to locate it by scrolling).
3. Save out another DUF (yes it matters… we need to have the UV set info in it; the one you saved from M4 won’t have it). You can delete G2M now.
4. Load your G2F. Apply the DUF you made from G2M onto her. Now you can see something more or less disturbing =) The “Michael 4” UV is injected, and you can save it for future use!
5. In the menu, go “File – Save as – Support Asset – UV Asset”. The vendor name for the M4 UVs for G2 is Slosh (if you’re using the V4 UV for G2, then the vendor is MallenLane; and the Xmas freebie Kids4 UV was by Slosh again), so type it instead of your name, and call the “product” something like “M4_G2F”. Doesn’t matter really. Put a checkbox next to the “Michael 4” line, and click “save”. Now all your G2F instances will have the M4 UV available, and you can convert textures to it or just use it.


8 thoughts on “converting textures between UVs of the same figure (with a related bonus how-to at the end)

  1. Well…I gave this a try and got lost. Sorry!

    I loaded the G2F base, applied the V5 texture, then made the templates as shown in the example and set the Target UV to Victoria 5. Then I hit the “Save” button, but it wouldn’t let me save the file where it was supposed to go — I think I had to have “admin” privileges, which of course I have but…

    Then I clicked “Accept” and things happened, but I’m not sure what or where.

    I saved the first file to my user folder, but then didn’t know where it was supposed to go — I ended up moving it to the data file under DAZ 3d – genesis – base – uv maps – base. It doesn’t belong there because the file extensions aren’t the same.

    Then I loaded Genesis and wasn’t sure what to do next. Am I supposed to then access the Map Transfer again, and select “Load”? I did that, and navigated to where I’d saved the first file (even if it was in the wrong spot) and clicked on it. I got some error messages, and I didn’t see anything listed under Template 1, Template 2, or Template 3.

    Obviously, I messed up big time. -.-

    1. The ‘save’ button is for the preset only – the template arrangement. It is for convenience so as not to repeat the “create templates-assign surfaces” process every time you need to convert stuff.
      What you need is the images that pile up in that folder you point to (which says “C:/DATA/temp/installing3d” in my screenshot – this is where I keep all my temporary files, and you make this window point to your folder, it can be any). These will be remapped textures that you will have to apply to Genesis one-by-one in the surfaces tab. Sorry this part cannot be easily automated =( But that shouldn’t take much time – if you’re doing skin, it’s only three separate templates to process (1_, 2_ and 3_), and you can bulk-select the surfaces in each and load. Diffuse, bump, and possibly spec maps – amounts to clicking three times per template.
      You can do it with the default DS shader, not bothering about finetining stuff, then load your original G2 character, select any skin surface and make a shader (not material) preset duf out of it, and then Ctrl-click it onto all your Genesis skin surfaces with the ‘ignore maps’ option. The only thing to watch out for is if the preset loads a shader like UberSurface with two speculars – then you may need to put the spec map into the second one… or not. It depends. Just see what looks better =)
      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for further explaining. I’ve been too busy to do much DS stuff this week, but hopefully I’ll have a little time this weekend to give it another shot.

        It’s a challenge now!

  2. Cool! This looks like it should be relatively easy to do. I’ll give it a shot later this week and report back.

    Thank you for explaining this!

  3. That’s pretty interesting ☺ I must admit that to date i have simply pulled out photoshop and done my own textures over copies of existing ones. ☺

    1. These are somewhat different things. You make your own stuff in Photoshop; and this is for using premade textures on figures they weren’t exactly designed for =)

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