cath_jumpsuit_fantasy I rendered a yet another image for Cath’s anniversary party, and given that I have invested a load of time in the pose alone, I’m thinking about turning it into something meaningful. More than just a yet another random “study”.

I don’t know if I managed to get the story across that I had in my head – but the guy is a sort of a thief/rogue/adventurer, he’s of Elven descent, and he’s trying to steal this magic lamp.

Something needs to be added to this scene to make it less empty and more in line with the story. Maybe the floor is wrong. The pose may not be _that_ perfect either.

If you have any suggestions, they’d be greatly appreciated.


12 thoughts on “wondering

  1. Ok – i’ve contemplated. You need something that shows that he entered that room illegally – like a broken window or door and some breaking abd entering tools.

          1. I think some scattered treasure would be a good idea; you could even use depth of field to keep most of the focus on your character. Looking closely, I can see the lamp, but more visual clues would help, I think? Or, possibly, more of a spotlight-type of light to tighten the focus on him rather than an empty room?

            Pointy ears mark him as elven (and OMG, I recognize that texture on his pants!)

            I think the pose looks very good, and the expression of his face seems to be saying something along the lines of, “Oh, shit…”

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