And I hope y’all are still following Mec4D’s anniversary thread…

…as she keeps posting more and more awesome stuff, but I don’t know if I’ll ever render this, though =)

cath80s_grapes_bkgr I rendered the mullet hair with some other Cath products and freebies, and with the prototype of those custom eye meshes that I mentioned here before. It’s not entirely perfect yet, the morphs yet have to be done, but it’s still _something_. Maybe that’s just me and I’m imagining things, but I’d say I managed to get the shadow on the iris right. We usually paint it in, but in reality it reacts to light and isn’t symmetrical. Or so I see it in the mirror.

As of right now, these RadiumEyes accept Gen3 eye textures. Yeah yeah yeah, but I have a load of cool Gen3 eye maps that I wanted to use for other figures… now I can.

I plan to support Gen4 mapping, but I have to figure out first which software I have would be the easiest to move UVs around in over an image template. I don’t like UV mapping much, I confess. I’d rather see if it’s possible to make custom morphs for Arkis’s EYEDeaz, to fix the issues I encountered with those.

I also think that if I ever release those eyes (I don’t know if there is any demand for that… they have advantages, but disadvantages as well: they don’t distort with figure morphs as they’re independent meshes, but neither do they follow morphs, so manual scaling/positioning is a must for characters), they will come with lacrimal morphs for G/G2 (as I said, the possibility of me using G3 for real in the foreseeable is kinda slim; I just got a bunch of original Genesis goodies with a 90% discount, haha). Lacrimals have always been whacky, even with default eye shapes; and they aren’t static IRL, they do react to eye movement, if slightly, so to really do a good job, it should be an ERC kinda morph, controlled by the eye rotation amount.


4 thoughts on “And I hope y’all are still following Mec4D’s anniversary thread…

  1. He looks very nice, 80s mullet and all — and I recognize those grapes. Who knew such an old prop could look so good?

    I’d be interested in hearing more about those eyes. I have a bunch of great Mil3 eye textures too that I would like to use on Gen4, and it would be nice if I didn’t have to haul out the Texture Converter 2 to do so. I’m pretty sure I went that route with some of Samildanach’s eye textures for V3 and it was a bit tedious.

    OMG, that DAZ sale! I was so bad. Spent way more than I should have, but now I have a bounty of new toys to play with. I even picked up Abominable — my first Genesis monster figure — and was messing around with him last night. The husband came in and said, “What the heck is that?” And I started babbling: “Isn’t he great? I just bought him for about a $1.40 or something!” Husband said, “Ah. Okay.” I kept babbling: “And he looks awesome in a dress!” The hubby laughed and said, “Good night, dear.”

    He doesn’t get my enthusiasm for 3D (though he expresses the predictable interest when I have naked female figures on the screen), but he understands it keeps me amused and out of trouble.

    Well, except for the spending money kind of trouble of course.

    Oh, and I just saw you sent me an email. Will get back to you later on that. :)

    1. Many old meshes are very well done. Not all, but quite a few. Particularly smaller props that don’t really need SubD, these have a great future ahead of them with contemporary materials =)

      Alright, I’ll keep you posted about the progress on the eyes =) They’re designed to take “realistic” textures, though. I don’t know if something really ornate would work nice – after all, the UV mapping isn’t a perfect replica…

      I mostly picked up starter bundles of those Gen5 shapes I’d wanted (the price difference between the base and the bundle became really negligible with that discount =) ). Looked at the monster/creature morphs, they are all beyond amazing, but didn’t buy. I have all those lovely monsters I bought in a sale quite a while ago off Sixus1’s website, and I haven’t used most of them yet =((

      1. I picked up Stephanie 5 and the International Face morphs bundle, amongst quite a few other things. I may eventually pick up the creature morphs too. I’m thinking some of those more extreme creature morphs would look better on Genesis than on Gen4, especially when it comes to bending issues.

        Though I still think Gen4 has G1 and G2 beat when it comes to dialing up faces. There’s no CDI morph sets, for one.

        I think I’m going to enjoy Abominable. He’s also a bit toony, so he has some crossover possibilities.

        1. Yes, I guess so, too. Genesis fullbody morphs are supposed to come with rigging adjustments.

          Thorne has a lot of morph kits for Genesis and G2, I have a few and think they’re quite good. Especially in the case of Genesis where you don’t have to haul morphs between gendered bases, it’s fairly awesome to have both the “female”- and “male”-oriented packs to use on the same figure.

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