smoothing modifier for fitting clothes to difficult shapes

— this post deals with using older Poser content in DS, but these tips work for Genesis and beyond, too; it’s just that they are needed less often —

Fitting conforming clothing to older Poser figures can be difficult, particularly when we’re dealing with specific morphs that deviate far enough from the standard body. Sometimes the “transfer active morphs” function of DS works well, but not always. For instance, on my machine it never detects that GND2 is injected into V3, and so it’s not much help for GND2-based characters.

Smoothing modifier can help (in the menu: “Edit – Figure – Geometry – Apply smoothing modifier”), and it can be pushed to adjust for smaller-than-standard sizes as well, if you scale the clothing down to create pokethrough on purpose and then increase smoothing/collision iterations to fix it (in the Parameters tab: “General – Mesh smoothing”). Not just the whole clothing item, but individual body parts of it can be selected to scale them down/up (the scale dials are often hidden from the parameters tab, but they will show if you check “show hidden properties” in the tab menu).

Sometimes the “base shape matching” smoothing type works better, sometimes the generic one.

Smoothing modifier works best with SubD (in the menu: “Edit – Figure – Geometry – Convert to SubD”; then you will find controls in the Parameters tab: “General – Mesh resolution”). There are various settings to SubD; it is worth trying them all out. But there is no need to touch the subdivision level unless you are using Iray to render. For 3Delight, SubD is either on or off, and it’s not connected to displacement at all.

Unfortunately, with a lot of older clothing models, particularly free ones, using neither smoothing modifier nor SubD works well: the mesh just breaks, whatever you do. Then you can remove the modifier (the command is in the Geometry menu) and set the mesh resolution to Base (and levels to 0 if you want to see the effect immediately) and resort to manual deforming, sculpting in an external program or maybe using a utility like Morphing Clothes, in case you have it… or using some other clothing.

Actually, even though DS dynamics are kinda limited in selection, they are often the best choice for difficult character morphs. And like anything else, they can take on an endless variety of looks through texturing. Often, it’s not even necessary to lay out or paint textures: a tiling shader preset or the like will often work nice.

gnd2plus_clothing Here is a V3 character based on a mix of GND2, She-Freak, Rianne, DieTrying free morphs and a custom deformer that gives the hips a shape more familiar to my Russian eye. The clothing is the sweater from AP_Clothes, the pants are slacks from V3 Clothing Pack by DAZ3D, the shoes are BatLab BD Shoes. Clothes fit via SubD and smoothing modifier. There are some issues, but overall it’s quite good.
The shoes don’t work well with SubD or smoothing, so they are fit through scale adjustments of individual shoe bones.

For the materials I used textures by Michele (thank you so much once again!) to drive various channels of my RadiumFabric shader (in case of shoes, the primary material adds a layer of new bump to the original textures). Speculars and bumps use different maps on the sweater (it’s subtle, but if you click to zoom in, you’ll see it’s a pretty cool embroidery-like effect); the velvet colour on the pants is a light version of the bump (layer duplicated in MLIE and set to additive mode), and its strength is a different map, with “scratches”. The diffuse is one solid colour, actually the same for the sweater and pants. The main difference is due to the velvet.

BTW, when I bent the feet to account for the high heels, I found out that I needed to remove feet/toe bones from the pants because otherwise they stretched over the foot in a rather silly fashion. It’s not the first time I have to edit rigs in older content, and it started to happen in DS3 already.


2 thoughts on “smoothing modifier for fitting clothes to difficult shapes

  1. So that’s where the convert to SubD went in DS4. Good thing I really haven’t had to use it yet.

    Your example looks very good to my eye; putting clothes on GND2 has always been a problem for me too..

    I just had a bit of a failure with the Transfer Morphs utility with V4 and a V4 outfit on one of my Morphia bodies. The outfit didn’t conform properly to her body shape and I had to do some scaling. Yet earlier in the day, with another Morphia body and a different outfit, everything conformed perfect to her very thin shape. Not sure what happened there.

    Were those textures from Bump-O-Matic? The sweater looks really nice. I like the effect, especially the velvet.

    Lots of useful info here; bookmarked to come back to for experimenting!

    1. Thank you! =) Yes these are Bump-o-Matic textures! They are so cool, thank you once again! I’m thinking of a render where I could use those water drops now… =) The top transparency is from your Transmap-o-Matic that I did manage to snatch at Rendo back then.
      Some morphs just don’t seem to work with ‘Transfer active morphs’, I have no idea why. =(

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