you’d think I’d have figured it out sooner

I’ve been busy doing some job-related stuff interspersed with subtly cosplaying the key part of what defined Dorian Hawkmoon’s existence for quite a while (i.e. throbbing headache and dizzy spells, duh) and finally playing the original Witcher (figured I still didn’t have the manual memorised as well as I´d hoped, but hooray for tablets). // which got me thinking: if Xurge3D next to copied Geralt’s ingame outfit… did any architecture-oriented content artist do a Kaer Morhen clone? After all, it’s a staple of all the Witcher games… //

And of course I was listening to music.

And somewhere during a very Hawkmoon moment I flipped between Blind Guardian and Van der Graaf Generator, and I finally realised the connection.

Hansi and Peter sound eerily alike.

As much as a German “prog metal” singer born in 1966 and a British “prog rock” performer born in 1948 can sound alike, of course.


4 thoughts on “you’d think I’d have figured it out sooner

    1. You wouldn’t believe that I also know a one or two, at best, out of the whole world wide web. Yes there is a whole, but somehow it has never been a hangout of mine.
      It got beyond weird when I was active in the TES fandom, one of the main ex-masterminds of which (Michael Kirkbride) is clearly a fan (even used to illustrate Chaosium Elric RPG stuff), and yet even in the lore forums, where diehard fans were throwing the Bible and Crowley quotations at each other, next to no-one knew who Moorcock even was!

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