my favourite Helloween vocalist is Kai Hansen…

…but sometimes I feel like listening to Michael Kiske’s voice. Okay I do believe that half the success Helloween had with him was because he was sort of cute when he had hair; and I can name a handful of singers off the top of my head who totally pwn Kiske, technique-wise (hey, I could also link you an interview where he confesses he doesn’t take much care of his voice and haven’t really ever had any serious vocal training… in stark contrast to Hansi Kürsch’s interview off the same website, what with ninety minute warmups and an opera singer as a vocal coach).

But Michael Kiske the singer does have that “je ne sais quoi”, hair or no hair.

Warning: the songs posted below are catchy. I mean it.

Here’s an old live version of one of Helloween’s biggest hits:

And here are two tracks off one whacky “metal opera” that is actually damn painful to listen to in its entirety, but Kiske’s contributions are exquisite.

Particularly this one… IIRC the female backing vocals are by Amanda Somerville, but I may be mistaken; it’s been years since I saw the CD insert.


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