proof of concept

Recently there was a tutorial on making G2 clones for Genesis here on this blog; I am happy to report that this method works for making a G3F clone for your G2F as well (just use G2F instead of Genesis, and G3F instead of G2F).
Once you have the G3F clone for G2F, you should also be able to make one for your G2M if you are so inclined (then G2M will be used in place of Genesis, and G2F as, well, G2).

CathTripSummer_Tonemapped_PivkoColourNutPunch I haven’t done the G3F for G2M yet, but here is a yet another Mec4D anniversary freebie – summer dress for G3F – on the same G2F character, my Trippixie (who is a dial morph using SickleYield’s Fantastical Features and her conversion of DieTrying’s free morphs; she has also had new eyes for a while because in the conversion process the DieTryng morphs got a bad side effect of warping the eyeball shape, so I’m using Arki’s EYEdeaz until I have built my replacements).

Actually Cath did post a G2F rigged version a bit later, but I only discovered this a few minutes ago, way after this render was finished.

Workflow: set up in DS4.8 – export to RIB via my ToEXR render script – manually run ribdepends on the RIB to collect&localise since I haven’t yet figured out how to make DS scripting do it – render to EXR in the 3DL 12 standalone (no shader recompiles needed, but DOF sampling is improved) – tonemap the EXR in Picturenaut – apply a LUT in i-display (a different one this time, to enhance the mood).


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