I actually don’t know what I find more offensive

This sort of daily bullshit (check out the jobs forbidden to females – oh yeah, you can’t drive a metro train if you have been born into the wrong body, but you can drive a tram… what’s the difference? 60 thousand roubles per month or 30 thousand, guess who gets which):

Or this?

Additionally, the Law prohibits the use of firearms against women, individuals with obvious signs of disability, and minors when their age is apparent or known. An exemption would be a case where the aforementioned individuals are engaged in an armed or group attack.
Source: http://www.loc.gov/law/help/firearms-control/russia.php

Even if we aren’t talking sexism. Just THINK. As legally only the police can carry firearms here, it means that a policeman cannot shoot a female, a disabled person or a kid unless there is this vaguely defined attack thing going on. So a female thief should be allowed to escape with the booty? Damn nice.

Okay, the most horrible sexist thing is this local army conscription thing that only drafts males (and it can get damn dangerous in there, and I’m not talking “hybrid warfare” or something… I’m talking this). This conscription law, for instance, creates a lot of problems for those who work in higher education institutions (why? because way too many male students only use their free university enrolment to get the service deferment, not because they truly want to study something; imagine how “motivated” these “students” are).

But still.

What’s worse, this society is truly okay with this crap. Everyone who suffers, they are all okay. Because “Men” and “Women” are Sacred Concepts with Sacred Duties.

Gay propaganda? If only it worked, ha!


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