Genesis 3: first impressions

It’s a nice model, and I like parts of the fantasy outfit she comes with (not all because I’m really picky and my tastes are weird), but I can’t see myself using the third generation that much.

The moment I expanded G3F bone structure to pose the figure, my eyes must’ve become twice as wide: there are a load of extra bones. This kinda doesn’t add to the usability: okay, as far as I could figure out, the twist and bend dials are synced for pairs like ‘shoulder twist’ and ‘shoulder bend’ (so you could type your values into the parameters of either), but it means more clicks to get to the lower levels like fingers (and… carpal bones? Just how much freedom of movement do they have on a real hand?! Hint: these are actually small bones that make up your wrist…). And no, selecting in the viewport isn’t always an option. Neither is only using the ERC in the posing tab.

image I didn’t truly understand what the included HD expression morphs like “brow compression” or “mouth realism” do. Maybe it’s a matter of closeup subtlety. And while including a bodybuilder morph is a nice touch in theory, it’s still kinda wimpy. Maybe a negative value of the pear figure morph could remedy the situation somewhat. I can’t recall if all those original Genesis super handy dials like “shoulder width” were part of the base figure or of a morph pack like Evolution or Muscularity… all I know that I’m not too keen on buying all these morphs all over again. (The only packs I have for G2 are the free ones, a muscle flexion add-on for G2F whose G2M counterpart never came, a Thorne merchant resource morph kit for G2M I snatched in a recent sale along with a few awesome packs of his for the original Genesis, and Zev0’s aging morphs)

The eyes are still made in that disjointed way, with the iris mesh disconnected from the sclera (which doesn’t play nice with 3Delight’s new raytraced SSS because it makes no physical sense). The ‘iris correction’ morph just moves this part back and forth, creating even larger gaps. I don’t get it. And the iris is flat.

I threw together a quick test render of G3F with my preferred UberSurface hair setup and my custom shaders – embroidery instead of lace because I used a shader that doesn’t support transparency – and as you can see, even though there is a 20% diffuse layer being mixed with the RT SSS, the artefacts on the sclera around the iris seam do come through. Which means I need to invest more time into building my own eye replacer models that work exactly to my tastes.


6 thoughts on “Genesis 3: first impressions

  1. A couple of things…the facial bones do make sense IF we are getting more advanced PowerPose or something similar in DS5. Most of the big packages have much better/smoother posing controls. Until there is something that actually makes it easier to use all those bones, doing them one at a time, manually is just an easy way to an ulcer.

    And if they ever get the Collada IMPORT working right, a muscle rig is just an export from Blender away…there are actually a couple of real nice rigs in Blender. And she does import into Blender with a working rig, going the Collada route.

    1. There’s something decidedly wrong with my G3F because I don’t get the facial bones. Only those weird separate twist-bend ones in the limbs. That have already scared me away from G3.

      I want something like Maya Muscle for rigging! Now _that_ would be amazing.

  2. As I understand it, all those new bones in the face are to make expressions more realistic, which is something I can support. Some of the extra bends elsewhere might help poses from looking too stiff, which has always been a problem, imo, with the 3D figures.

    Eyes are tough, and all these new shader options make it harder for me to understand how to tweak settings. Eyes are also one of those things that are really hard to get right in 3D.

    And hair…but that’s the first time I’ve seen Toulouse Hair look good. Kudos on your shader-foo. :)

    1. Thank you =) Toulouse hair actually has some very nice textures in the Toxic add-on (no painted highlights), but they aren’t used to their full potential in the presets.
      I posted the base recipe I use for hair here:

      When it comes to hands, I’m not sure carpal bones are that important for posing, but muscle/skin deformations are (think the palm muscles, the way tendons move under the skin, and the web between the fingers – I haven’t yet looked close, but it doesn’t seem it was a priority when building the figure).
      Actually, that’s what I truly want: a realistic muscle/skin system. So that anatomy studies could be directly applicable when posing, and particularly to expressions. There are very nice joint-controlled muscle flexion morphs for Genesis and G2F that are a step closer to mimicking the way the body works IRL, but they are artistic approximations, not a physically based simulation of the muscles contracting and pulling on the skin.

      Eyes shouldn’t be that hard in 3D because they are rather simple in reality. I think the problem is largely because of rather arbitrary geometry of most eye meshes out there. Even without using caustics through refractive corneas (which is the physically based thing based on what happens IRL), eyes start looking much better when the iris isn’t flat and can catch some specular light. Reflections with proper Fresnel attenuation go a long way as well (Fresnel will kick in the DS default shader when the index of refraction is set to a non-zero value, even when refraction itself is off). But somehow most people forget about how ubiquitous Fresnel attenuation is (only perfect mirrors have none!). I’m not sure even Iray users are truly making use of it.

      1. Thanks for the “recipe.” I’ve bookmarked it for trying out the next time I use that hair (which will be the first time; I didn’t much care for the way it looked.)

        I suppose the figures will continue to get more realistic and complex. I’m interested to see where DAZ will take this new generation.

        I broke down and bought the G3F base head morphs. Not bad, but there are some very odd ones — like “Marionette Strings.”

        1. You’re welcome =) It’s the base settings I use for pretty much every transmapped hair model, not just Toulouse.
          I wouldn’t want to have a marionette with as many bones as G3F has LOL

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