I have a problem with ignorance

It’s probably my biggest problem and no-one else’s. But I’m irked beyond belief every time when I see people being only 5% invested in things they allegedly care for.

Online communities and members thereof. Some of them repeatedly misspelling screennames of others. Not knowing publicly available information about important members of said communities (think gender – most people take their gender rather personally…), all the while calling themselves ‘fans’ of said important members.

The next thing happens on- and offline. Someone is an expert in a certain area. A pro. Gets good money for said expertise. Somehow becomes deluded into thinking it means expertise in all related areas. Spreads horrendous  misinformation, as a result.

Someone says they have a hobby. Artwork. 3D stuff, for instance. Uses a particular program exclusively. For years. Neglects half the features that would’ve made his/her/whatever’s life much easier. Says the features are too complex to master, or something.

Writers who inadvertently turn their shows and books into fully fledged Théâtre de l’Absurde by deciding they need to get something or someone Russian on the page or screen.

Et cetera.

Tell y’all what. It’s okay to be clueless about stuff that is new to you.

But if said stuff pops up repeatedly in your life; if you find it burrows its way into your job or beloved pastime; if you can’t just shrug it off; then by all means roll up your sleeves and get to work on making yourself a better educated specimen of all the humanoid races currently found on the planet Earth.

Because if you don’t, your ignorance screams that you plain don’t care. That you are disrespectful towards said stuff, since you would not condescend to invest your precious time into a single google search even.

I never saw this attitude in the subscribers of this particular blog. But elsewhere, unfortunately, a lot.

PS “Learning difficulties” are a lame excuse. I’ve seen brilliant writers who are diagnosed with dyslexia. Disabled people doing professional sports. Damn, I have learned to do things I never thought I’d be able to, simply because I realised I had to, either for my job or simply to respect myself. And if I can do something, anyone can.

Just make that damned effort.

PPS Although my screenname is likely to hold a record when it comes to being misspelt by others, and even though folks assume the Silver Fox to be male, it wasn’t me I was referring to as suffering from that sort of attitude. I am not an ‘important member’ of any community. Neither do I care what gender others think I am. I have none actually; I even tend to forget my physiological sex sometimes.


6 thoughts on “I have a problem with ignorance

    1. Nope Greg, not you. Don’t worry. A handful of people from elsewhere, ‘real life’ included.
      I don’t think of you as a complete stranger, so (for better or for worse) if I found I had a problem with something you said, I’d tell you personally.

        1. Thanks, and don’t worry. Again, I’m fairly easy to deal with – I won’t waste my time arguing with strangers ( = those who don’t care for what I think), but I will try to actively find a way to reach a common ground with those I care about, which means I will talk about ‘unpleasant’ things, disagreements an’stuff, to make things right. I don’t really believe in that mindless and heartless brush-off ‘Let’s agree to disagree’ (and secretly grow to hate the guts of each other, all the while smiling deceitfully) – it’s for politicians; I believe that people should discuss their views and the reasons behind them, and there is always a way out that respects everyone’s position. Compromise is not a bad word when you realise why you ‘cede’. Most people accept the idea of not smoking in the presence of a pregnant lady because they _know_ why it’s bad… But to way too many people, the list of ‘legit’, ‘significant’ issues like this seems to be cast in stone, being impossible to expand. Brushing off someone else’s ‘imaginary problems’ or mocking them without giving them a thought has become a fave pastime of many, unfortunately. All under the guise of ‘freedom’ of this or that. Hell, who was the wise guy who said ‘Your freedom ends where that of another’s starts’?

  1. I will tell you something a little personal about myself: I really despise experts with a passion. In a private message to you here shortly, I will tell you what “experts” did to that young lady with autism, Carly Fleishman. It will sicken you.

    As you no doubt remember, I’m not a sports fan by any stretch. But my favorite disabled sports figure is a young lady named Bethany Hamilton. She was the surfer girl from Hawaii, who had her left arm removed by a shark. And by God, within a year, she was winning championships in the surfer world.

    1. I don’t even know if it’s possible to be a true expert on a system as infinitely complex as a living being. And you know how sceptical I am regarding ‘medical science’ in general.
      When I say ‘experts’, I primarily mean those who have extensive knowledge and skill in using/operating technical systems: artificial systems created by humans, systems that are consequently finite by their very nature. Like a particular type of software and its underlying physical/mathematical theory.

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