Nothing special

A three-second animation testing my toon shader. It’s very basic, and actually it’s not that cool to do inking in the shader when the renderer can output outlines… but hey I am just learning, okay?

The hatching is in screenspace, i.e. it will not flicker (watch fullscreen to see hatching details), but it’s determined per-surface. It’s a texture call, so it should antialias itself.

The only light is a UberEnvironment2 with an HDRI, set to “ambient only”. No raytracing as far as I can tell, and it flies in the REYES mode (I think it only took me about two minutes to render this animation at 24 fps). Basically, it’s a feasible way of rendering cute animations on a laptop.

I think I’ll package this with a handful of hatching textures and put it out as a freebie some day soon.


6 thoughts on “Nothing special

        1. I see now =) Yes, in theory, I would love to. But I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. As a collaboration, maybe. I am not that good at actual shot composition and other things that constitute ‘cinematographic language’. So I’m just training technical skills, and then if one day an opportunity comes by… but I can’t say it’s in my plans.
          To tell the truth, I prefer not to make plans outside of the most immediate future.

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