More on Garrett, while I’m at it

First of all, wikipedia says the series is actually a couple of years younger than me. 1987 rather than 1978. Blame my suspected dyscalculia.

Then… I find the lack of Garrett fanart disturbing. I mean, there is a whole internet out there, but either my google-fu failed me, or, well…

I have found this artist, though: dajkiry @ tumblr

Funny how different book characters look in your head and in the minds of other people. Only Winger is similar to how I see her; and I didn’t even recognise Tinnie. I have always pictured her as way more traditionally feminine.

Chances are slim, but if you folks ever encounter some meaningful Garrett PI fanart, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a link. I’d love to see it.

And yeah, I need to get around to scanning some of my own sketches.


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