fertile soil

There was a flurry of Disney-based themes introduced for a Russian e-mail service I use, and before I knew, I found myself installing the Rescue Rangers one. I guess my ongoing love for this kid cartoon show is a testament to how much we are all a product of our environment… particularly childhood environment. Garrett PI, remember? Andromeda and Haven, anyone? It’s all there, in my favourite episode =)

…having said that – I actually don´t know why exactly I preferred Rescue Rangers to just about any other cartoon that was on TV when I was a kid. Okay: Gadget. But why exactly did the kid that I once was ever take a liking to her? Why exactly did I grow up into something not unlike her, when I wasn’t looking to imitate her consciously?

I guess only River Song might know the answer.


4 thoughts on “fertile soil

    1. In general. Maybe it’s because I hated being a small kid, particularly around adults. I knew it well they were superior to me in many ways, and it annoyed me to no end. And I’m one of those few who remember their chilhood years very vividly. So every time I see a child among adults, I am taken back to those days, and I don’t like it. And I feel pity for those kids because there’s a good chance they feel the same as I did.

  1. I liked Dark wing Duck.

    “I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the zit that ruins your date! I…AM DARK WING DUCK!”

    Or “Dark Wink Doofus”, as Steel Beak called him

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