Kindle Unlimited – how useful for someone like me?

Okay, I haven’t yet found out if I’m eligible for this service, being Russian, but maybe I don’t even have to waste time looking for the answer?

As I get it, there is only a certain selection of books available to read. Given that I am very, very picky about what I read… and about wasting time as well…

I have read there are 600 000 titles available, and it’s not that easy to search them.

I would want to re-read those SF/F classics that I only read in a Russian translation as a kid (when I was reading stuff from all the local libraries I could enrol in LOL). Authors like Roger Zelazny, Philip K Dick, Arthur C Clarke, Samuel R Delany, and of course Michael “no idea if there have ever been an initial” Moorcock. Keith Laumer, Alfred Bester, you get the drift. I would also like to check out any new SF/F authors, but preferably not “young adult” nor “romance”-oriented.

Could anyone say for sure if it should be possible with Kindle Unlimited, or not? Thank you folks.


8 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited – how useful for someone like me?

  1. I know nothing of Kindle Unlimited, however I almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw you’re not interested in romance-oriented new sf writers. :D Don’t know if I still count as new, but some of my stuff’s on Kindle, and you know how sappily romantic my writing gets at times!
    Oh, and since I saw Alan Dean Foster mentioned, I highly recommend Nor Crystal Tears. Awesome book!!!

    1. Romance? What romance? No, I mean, it’s there, but a) there’s a lot of meaningful action and intrigue in your stuff, and b) it’s not like there are immortally hot ultramasculine wereeagles and innocently hot schoolgirls involved in that romance =D
      Thanks for the recommendation! I don’t remember reading it in Russian.

    1. You mean for the Unlimited program or in general? I just can’t figure out the way to only search for titles _in_ the Unlimited scope. Actually, Amazon search seems to dislike me: like, I get a lot of extra unrelated results when I type in a full author name. Maybe that’s a feature and not a bug, but it wastes my time =(

  2. I’ve not used a Kindle device before, but some folks I know like ’em pretty well. I’ve recently taken to reading Alan Dean Foster (he spells out his middle initial, haha). He’s known for writing the novelization for movies such as “The Black Hole”, “The Chronicles of Riddle” and the original “Star Wars” movie. He also wrote the novelizations for the animated “Star Trek” series.

    But he’s written much, much more. He lives in a small town here in Arizona called Prescott.

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