There are a lot of things I do not understand about human society…

…and it’s mutual.

I don’t get it why local (i.e. Russian) LGBT activists would apparently want to march under the banners of the US and Ukraine. Sure these countries are not that LGBT-friendly, I know it because I have queer friends there.

But then again, in turn, the whole LGBT community does not understand the likes of me, to put it mildly. Asexuals face ridicule and even hatred from a lot of LGBT folks – we are told we are in need of treatment, our social problems are not real problems, yadda yadda yadda.

You’d think those who face this sort of humiliation from the society at large would be supportive of someone ‘different’ – because they know what it’s like firsthand, right? Alas. The LGBT folks tend to see asexuals as a threat, as if we ‘subhuman creatures’ are here to take away their hard-earned rights (I’ve read this sort of thing stated in plain text way too often). No different to how the straight majority hysterically ‘protects’ their ‘exclusive’ rights for ‘sacred’ marriage.

I’m not even talking about how rigid the LGBT community often tends to be socially – like, there are more genders than just ‘male’ and ‘female’, but you’re still expected to choose one and to conform to it, otherwise you aren’t taken seriously. I’m not even talking about their internal rifts (like bisexuals still being treated badly one too often).

And then people ask me why I dislike the human race.


19 thoughts on “There are a lot of things I do not understand about human society…

  1. It would seem that, with regards to certain things, our societies are still based on massively outdated thinking as far as identity and how we define ourselves. There’s also that whole thing about some people feeling regardless of what makes them different and looked down upon by others, there’s always someone else they can sneer at and look down upon. Hypocrisy is the one true religion, lol.

    There are things in life that can’t be understood until you’re in a particular position. I wish I could help my mother understand why her son chose to become her daughter. I could take her to trans group meetings, provide her with no end of literature on the subject, or just sit and talk with her about it. In the end, she isn’t trans, so she can never understand. Fortunately for me, my mother has never needed to understand. All that mattered to her was that I am happy.

    For the above reason, I don’t claim to understand the ‘lifestyle choices’ of others, or yourself. I’d rather focus on the fact you’re not doing me or anyone else harm, and that your decisions, to the best of my knowledge, result in you being happy and/or maintaining a sense of peace in your life.

    I never understood some of the LGBT activism. Far better to just be yourself and let people realise you aren’t what they think you are, than get in their face with your ‘identity’.

    1. Hi again :) Thanks for finding the time to comment =) *hugz*
      I agree with you about the “one true religion” and the inability to understand certain things (especially when it comes to parents – I just don’t talk to mine about these things anymore because, well, they’re socially conservative and anything “outside the norm” makes them worry unnecessarily).
      I’m not sure, though, that being happy and/or sense of peace apply to my life much at all =)
      The whole “identity” thing seems overdone, to me. I’d say integrity is a more important concept. But then I heard that existentialism is dead…

  2. Man, I’m glad I don’t have a social life off the internet. It sucks that the LGBT crowd is intolerant of *anyone*, given their history. Ridiculous.

    1. Ridiculous is the word! And they’re the same on the internet, too, maybe even more vitriolic when they know they can’t get punched in the face.
      My LGBT friends are bi, and they get a lot of crap from the “real gays” as well. That totally sucks.

  3. What’s odd about the LGBT community here in the States is, if you have a different opinion from the theirs (such as Christians or what-have-you), then by god, you’re evil incarnate.

    In other words, you have to tolerate them, but they don’t have to tolerate you. I wonder how American’s would react to or treat Asexual people?

    1. It’s totally the same thing with the LGBT community here.

      Given that aces are more visible over there in the States, they do report being mistreated by the straight population as well. Corrective rape has spread from being directed at ‘real’ lesbians to being directed at female aces as well, even if they are hetero- or a-romantic.

      The worst thing is that aces are shunned by every community that centers on either sex, or childbirth, or both. And 99% of human beings find these things way too important.

      1. I think we are seeing a fundamentalist religious resurgence against science and many human rights. What saddens me most is that i am both a Christian and a believer in science and human rights. I really don’t “get” why so many humans treat others so poorly. 😕

        1. I have no idea, either. It seems like there is some sort of a “hurt another person” competition going on. And at the same time, various lies get spread around, and when you speak up against those lies, you are accused of being “inconsiderate”, “self-serving” and what not.
          Those fundamentalists are hitting every country pretty bad, it seems.

  4. I do have a theory. Here goes. In order to remove noise from information inputs and generally reduce data input quantities the human brain classifies them. Generalistions are a reault. Problems arise when things don’t nicely fit into our generalized classifications. It creates a disharmony that resolves itself emotionally. Hence most people don’t like people or th I ngs that are “different”. This said, some of us rejoice in difference ☺ I am a heterosexual male but i identify more with women in most things non-sexual. I have no problem with other people’s concept of self as long as they respect mine ☺ So if society has a problem with you, then it is their problem and not yours ☺

    1. As long as the part of the society that has a problem with me is not the part that can make me lose my job, for instance. What with the alarming obession with creating more tax payers in this particular society (Russia) , I fear some day childbirth would be mandatory for females here, like serving in the army is for men (but of course, only those have to serve who can’t cheat their way out of this governmentally sanctioned imprisonment; damn, this conscription leads to a lot of social issues on so many levels here). Maybe not in my lifetime, but if it goes on like this, it’s bound to happen.

                1. I sometimes wish I had no obligations here, so that I could just take my chances and look for a job in the “civilised world”. I’m not sure Russian degrees are taken seriously anywhere, though.

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