And BTW, the new Blind Guardian LP has been out for about a week now!

I’m so not going to dance about architecture – I’m not much of a dancer; but what needs to be said is that, first of all, Charlie Bauerfeind really did quite well this time; and next – it’s not the only thing that Beyond the Red Mirror has in common with ANATO (which, for those not in the BG fandom, means A Night at the Opera, and yes, the guys stole the title from the Queen album – because they could).

ANATO – and in particular, the album’s arguably most complex song, the final track aka debut single, the 14+ minute epic called “…And then there was silence” – is where the guys picked off this time.

They are constantly reinventing themselves, and this is no ANATO II; this takes them further, all the while solidifying their previous achievements. And then there is the concept story that will indeed make TES lore maniacs happy – it’s not about any Aurbex heroes, but it’s eerily similar to the whole Kirkbridean feel. And yeah, looks like it may help make sense of some of the earlier songs, too.

This is an interview with Hansi Kürsch about this new recording – in which he also mentions the orchestral project again, and y’know, I was just thinking that the world needs more of Hansi singing clean… and apparently, it will feature quite a bit of that, so I’m happy.

And this is one of the most immediately accessible songs off BtRM:

…and just in case the story still does not make sense and you’re not ready to go all Hunt the Amaranth with Hansi – have a yet another interview!


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