Just how pale is pale?

I was searching the DAZ forums in the hopes that some people might have asked before for recommendations on paler characters. And I came across a thread with these links:


Do these look pale to you? Sure they don’t have the “surfer” sort of tan that most Poser/DS characters tend to have – but these are still fairly high on pigment (I’m not even talking about how “fresh” and “blooming” their cheeks are).

There are numerous people on the same DAZ forums complaining about there being “too many pale Valkyries” released. It irks me to no end. First, I have already ranted about how wimpy all those “female warrior” characters look. No way there is an overabundance of Valkyries. And… pale?

I guess those complaining are after more “ethnic” characters, so to speak. African/Asian/whatever. Or Southern varieties of the Caucasian race, maybe. These are surely not represented enough…

…but neither are the really pale skin tones. Something like I see in the mirror every day.

People with “exotic lineage” tell stories about how difficult it is to “validate one’s beauty” or something, in a society that is so “white”. Like, those of Asian descent having a hard time finding suitable makeup tones.

Tell you what. It is possible to be TOO white. It’s not that easy to get foundation or concealer that works with truly pale skin (here in Russia, it’s either a Finnish brand Lumene or professional brands like Nouba that carry anything in this range; most mass-market makeup brands feature their “ivories” which are two or three shades darker than my skin, with those nasty pinkish or orange undertones).

And don’t get me started on how mean it actually is, to be downright shaming people into “getting out in the sun” so as to “look healthy”. I am on the receiving end of this every given Spring; and no, I won’t “look healthy” however much time I waste sitting on the beach frying myself in the UV rays. I prefer being healthy to looking that way, ya know?

Good thing I like the “Goth” aesthetic – because it’s pretty much the only reliable way to get pale character textures in the Poserverse.

Fantasy Girls – Lynara – they also tend to come with more creative makeups and tattoo styles than your “everyday” ones. Kaleya has a few similarly interesting characters over there. …and of course, these textures work for more than just female characters.

There is also Syltermermaid – looks like she retired those characters of hers that I have, but there is still quite a few downright “Goth” characters in her store, and then, many of those who are less tanned than the average market: Syltermermaid’s store @ CP


4 thoughts on “Just how pale is pale?

  1. Well, those girls you asked about looked pretty pale to me… but I know exactly what you mean about the lighter skin tone. I’ve seen plenty of real humans with much paler skin. I tend to like the darker skin tones, possibly because my own hide ranges from pretty white in the winter to a shocking shade of orange in the summer. So I tend to like colorful people.

    1. What I really like – that’s freckles. They happen with all skintones, thankfully.
      It kinda irks me that “beauty standards” today are so skewed (and those who promote “being average” as the new standard also irk me!), and the “pale perspective” isn’t something that gets any publicity. Folks of African descent have their own websites and beauty-oriented blogs, and there’s a whole lot of dark-skinned models and celebrities (and yet, some complain there is not enough of those!), but the only resources that truly celebrate the pale skintone and do not promote tan (or that horrid fake tan!!) are the Goth ones. It’s okay with me because I’m, like, half Goth myself, but what if I were, say, a hip-hop fan? It would’ve made me feel totally excluded.
      Okay, and then there’s the issue of Goths being painted as weirdoes by 90% of the popular culture, both in the English- and in the Russian-speaking world. The only “positive” character I can think of is Paulie Perrette’s Abby Sciuto (hope I got the spelling right), and she actually borders on caricature sometimes.

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