Recently Michele of the RedEyeCat fame…

…made a post about Dusk – the long-awaited male counterpart to Hivewire3D’s Dawn base figure – having so very few morph options as of now, and mentioned trying to copy Dawn’s morphs (of which there is a handful out there, including very nice free ones on ShareCG) to use on him.

Since I have already “ported” a few morphs from G2M to G2F and back, I figured a similar techinique might work for these two (after all, Dawn and Dusk even appear to share the same UV mapping!), And yeah, everything’s coming up roses =) // I finally bought Lyriel’s “Wenn Die Engel Fallen” 2012 single a few days ago, and it includes a live cover of this old song – which I had never heard before, so it’s playing in my head Lyriel-style //

You will obviously not get identical results when applying Dawn’s morphs to Dusk. But morphs like these faces seem to make quite a difference (don’t forget you can dial in negative numbers!). Sorry I don’t have a render right now…

So, here’s the brief how-to (if anyone needs a more detailed explanation, I’ll add clarifications later – just leave a comment to let me know!):

1) In the “data” folder, copy the folder housing the Dawn morph you want to the Dusk morph folder.
2) Open the morph file (the one you just copied into Dusk folder!! not the original Dawn one) in a text editor like Notepad++ and see if it’s compressed (it won’t be human-readable if it is).
3) If it’s not compressed, go to 5.
4) If it’s compressed, simply unzip it in the same folder using any program like 7zip (a file without an extension will be created); delete the original compressed .dsf and rename the new file to have a dsf extension.
5) Open the newly renamed .dsf morph in a text editor and set the editor to replace all occurrences of “Dawn” with “Dusk”. Save.
6) Scroll down. Around line 40 in the new morph, there should be a line like this:
"group" : "/General/Shaping/Morphs/Head/Face",
Above it, add the following line:
"region" : "Actor",
Don’t erase or add anything else, and don’t forget the comma at the end of the line!
7) Save. Open DS and load Dusk. The morph should be there where the “group” variable points.
Bonus tip: if you don’t like the location of the morph, type a new path in the “group” variable! For example, I changed the base path to “Dawn/Face” or “Dawn/Body”, so as to remember these are not Dusk native morphs.


3 thoughts on “Recently Michele of the RedEyeCat fame…

  1. Okay, this doesn’t seem too complicated. :) I have a bunch of stuff I have to do today, but I’ll give this a go later on and report back.

    Thank you so much!

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