Just how much is the “Poser/DS 3D industry” contributing to “body image issues” these days?

Okay, not much, I guess; it’s a niche industry, after all.

But… what issues are really that – issues?

To be honest, even though I will say I am a feminist, I am not what they call “fat-positive”. There is a difference, to my mind, between, say, anorexia prevention and using a politically charged motto as an excuse for leading a decidedly unhealthy lifestyle.

Keeping “fit” (BMI-wise) through dieting only isn’t my idea of healthy lifestyle, either.

And then there are millions of self-identified “women”, “girls” and other “females” who are afraid of doing a single push-up or lifting a tiny dumbbell – because then “their muscles will grow” and “they will look like ‘men'” // whatever that may mean //, so they ditch their health in favour of their “feminine” “body image”.

You get the drift? To me, “body image” is an issue in and out of itself. Of course, there are very few people who are 110% satisfied with the way their body looks – but these are emotions. And there are things in our lives that we should approach armed with reason, and reason only.

Living in our physical bodies is one of these.

These bodies aren’t meant for just idly sitting around (even when eating nothing but salad) or maybe taking a stroll in the park once a week. They need to work – work out. So if a glance into a mirror makes you think your body could use some exercise… then, at least nine times out of ten, it’s not a “body image issue”. It’s a good idea.

Oh, BTW… even when a female body produces a lot of testosterone and the like, a bodybuilder physique is still a result of long, hard, exhausting work. Not a handful of keep-fit exercises.

Speaking again of Poser/DS… I find it really sad that content providers neglect real female bodybuilder/athlete body types. More often than not, a morph branded as “a super warrior” has those giant “feminine” butts/thighs, narrow shoulders and decidedly wimpy arm muscles.


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