I managed to get most of DAZ and Renderosity freebies in December…

…but as for other sites, I haven’t had time to check them out until tonight.

And I’m happy I found this:


Remember a relatively recent post of mine? There is a limited-time freebie on the FantasiesAttic list which is a heavily freckled character! She’s free until Jan 5th, so those who share my fondness for freckles might consider grabbing her ASAP.

Then there is a big set of dynamic items for V4. You know I am not much of a Poser user, but the items are very nice. And besides… they are easily rigged for Genesis!

There’s also an assortment of neat little props in the RDNA Christmas giveaway; I’ll put here a link to Day 13 because, well, a fun figure from Tate is there:

Just in case – here’s a link to the Rendo giveaway recap, full of amazing stuff. I mean it. I will have to find out if the merchant resources offered are freebie-friendly, but even if they aren’t, they’re still awesome to have for personal use (and maybe if I ever decide to make a commercial character).

Speaking of freebie-friendly merchant resources, Helen at ShareCG has two new packs – one for V4 and one for Dawn. And a character texture set for Antonia. Anyone remember Antonia?


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