That new base character for G2F by DAZ3D…

Mei Lin, seems to have a body type I could work with. The face, though… you see, I’m as white as it gets (although some idiots would want you to believe Gypsies and Jews are not white – well, we are; and given that I also have quite a lot of Nordic blood in me, my actual skin colour is damn ghostly). I have no connection to Asian cultures. I wouldn’t know what to do with a heavily “ethnic” character.


2 thoughts on “That new base character for G2F by DAZ3D…

  1. I think Mei Lin is very nice, but I’ve got this criteria for stuff I buy: does it fit in any of my stories? Unfortunately, she doesn’t, which is rather sad because I think she’s much nicer than Aiko. But while my characters come in a wide variety of colors, none of them have distinctly Oriental features, so I can’t justify spending the money.
    On a side note: you’re part gypsy, too? Hello, distant cousin! *waves* I too am a pale-skinned part gypsy. Although if I get in the sun, I turn orange. But that comes from something on my mom’s side, which is not where the gypsy blood comes from.

    1. I don’t have much use for Oriental-themed faces in my fiction either.
      Yay distant cousin! *waves back* If I get in the sun, nothing happens for a long time, and then I may get sunburnt =D

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