playing TES:Arena again…

…it’s still the same playthrough I started quite a long time ago. You see, I am a slow type of gamer – I take pleasure in the process rather than results. Besides, these days I keep getting distracted by “real life” and other hobbies.

And, y’know, when it comes to TES, there is that vast body of lore that can be accessed outside of actual playing.

Either way, I love Arena. Obviously, with it being more action-oriented than Daggerfall and having no difficulty slider (unlike later titles), I had to cheat in order to anyhow make it out of the first dungeon – I used a savegame editor to up the character’s hit points in a not insignificant way. We still have to stock up on various potions to make it through any MQ dungeon, though.

But the experience of playing it is amazing. It has both the quirkiness of an unknown early-to-mid 90s action RPG and the foundation of what was to become TES’ distinctive flavour.



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