I’m not the kind to buy a lot of “skimpwear”…

…but this recent release from Aery Soul (okay, these days they are “Aeon Soul”, but they change their names too often for me to forget the first one they wore when I came into the hobbyist 3D scene) – this one looks awesome and is reasonably priced. I hope it goes on sale some day.

Obviously, if I ever buy it, my characters are going to wear this as a second layer over something else – I am not much of a prude when it comes to “art”, but it’s just OOC for most of them.

I also wonder what AS rendered the promos in – I suppose it’s either LuxRender or Octane (of course, there is a chance of them going full-blown GI in 3Delight’s raytracer, but this chance is fairly slim). I’d say that render engine used to make promos should also be mentioned in a product’s description. Well, maybe it is, but I haven’t managed to find it…


2 thoughts on “I’m not the kind to buy a lot of “skimpwear”…

    1. Just for the sheer sake of practicality =)
      I wonder if AS are going to get loads of angry emails from people saying “Why doesn’t your outfit look the same in my DS?!”

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