Freckle hunt!

My DAZ forum thread here:

I should’ve started it earlier, obviously, so as to have better chances to get some during the PA fest, but, well, let’s just say my offline life keeps being crazy.

Yeah I know I’ve said a few times that I have a load of character textures already. And I also have two good apps for 3D painting (not even counting Blender). But I somehow haven’t been able to paint freckles I would like enough.

And when gearing up towards the Garrett, PI fanart that I want to do I realised that I only have two textures that are freckled enough (and while it’s not really explicitly mentioned in the books, I see Garrett as being very, very much that).

I guess I will mostly get DAZ store recommendations in the thread, so in case someone here knows something interesting from RDNA or any other stores, comments are welcome!


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