not the stuff you’d talk about with the DS community

Although, in theory, if I started posted images like the one immediately underneath the cut, I could probably become more popular in said community (yeah do click, by all means, – but I don’t know how NSFW it is: there is no nudity, but there is a toon female butt in that render; and I honestly don’t know – I am asexual, remember? I see the world very differently from the majority of denizens of the planet Earth).

That would be a different angle and a closeup of this test scene:


The shader on the hair is UberSurface (the textures, apart from transparencies, are mine; and yeah, it’s the DAZ Wedge Hair); the skin and clothing are my RadiumSolid shader, the skin and leather using SSS (skin is bare SSS apart from the face where the brows and makeup are applied via a dedicated overlay layer in the shader), and the cloth using only the diffuse layer (with SSS turned off). Oh, in case you don’t recognise the figure, it’s the original The Girl (from the Gen3 times), and the textures are her original, toony skins (largely solid colours, no micro relief on the skin bump maps outside lips and eyebrows, etc).

Lighting is my simple GI shader using one of Omnifreaker’s HDR maps (the Dawn one) and 3Delight’s PhysicalSun. The Sun’s soft shadow could use a tad more samples, but it’s a test scene (character set up).



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