not the stuff you’d talk about with the DS community, pt. 2

I think I pushed myself quite far with RadiumSolid. I plan other shaders in the Radium line, and I want them to be free – because, well, I just don’t feel that someone like me, who basically started doing RSL stuff a year ago at best, has a right to sell shaders. They are too simple, in all honesty, even though they may have features no DS shaders have right now. But from the “real CGI” POV, this is all but child’s play.

The most imaginative thing I did with RadiumSolid was extra backscattering for SSS. It’s a hacky-tricky solution (and darned simple in its core – in essence, the shader uses Beer’s law to measure mesh thickness in the viewing direction, runs an illuminance loop to see if there are lights behind the mesh looking more or less at the camera, and then this thickness mask drives a self-additive portion of the SSS colour previously returned by the subsurface() shadeop), but at least I came up with this idea by myself, although I did actually look at Mario Marengo’s glass shader code to see how to best implement Beer’s law in shading language.


The backscatter colour is tinted somewhat “off” to see it better.

Yeah, I’m sure there must be at least a few “published artists” out there in the DS community who haven’t been long into 3D before starting to sell their stuff – but to be honest, when it comes to the technical side of CGI, I do not really identify with the general Poser/DS user mentality. My idols are guys like Moritz Moeller (google the name, if you don’t know who it is).

I do hope that I will get a chance to become a DS content vendor, although right now it is very unlikely, since our Russian Gosduma is pushing an amendment to the personal data protection law that may well force all law-abiding non-Russian online businesses (those not large enough to justify the expenses of renting a Russian data center for the sole sake of storing personal data of Russian customers/employees) to block Russian citizens from accessing their services.

But I would want to sell the products of my artistic vision – like models and textures – rather than products of my measly tech skills (the skills of the sort that, actually, every 3D artist has to have, IMO, hobbyist level ones included!)


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