there’s a yet another category of people I have a fairly big problem with…

…those who maintain that “eyeglasses are sexy”.

No my dearies, they are not.

First of all, real – prescription – eyeglasses are refractive. Their lenses will distort whatever is behind them. And while it may help us myopic mutants see stuff better, it will by the same token make our myopic eyes look much smaller than they are. It will also ruin the outlines of our faces. So if your favourite porn star wears eyeglasses and they don’t make her look like, well, a nerd, they are most likely either plain – non-refractive – “fashion accessories” or even empty frames.

Then, there is the issue of actually living behind those glasses. Even discounting the fact that they make us look ugly on the outside.

Glasses are, plain and simple, crutches. Someone with a -2 dioptre myopia may function without them more or less successfully, but when it’s -4 dioptres or higher, without glasses you’re basically not much better off than someone with a disability.

And those glasses are darn fragile. They also tend to slip off your nose whenever you try to wash the floors or just pick something up from one. They also get all foggy in winter whenever your breath touches them (which, in actual winters, when the temperature falls way below 0C, happens whenever you wrap your scarf around your nose and mouth so as to breathe easier in the freezing wind) or whenever you enter a warm room, shop or underground station.

They can also rub your nose sore.

All in all, being forced to wear eyeglasses is no fun.

And if you find somebody suffering to be “sexy”, I daresay it means you actually have a problem.

PS There do exist other options for myopia management, like contact lenses or even surgery, but I hope that everyone, even those lucky ones blessed with 20/20 vision, understands that these two options are not for everybody. If anything, these are way more expensive.


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