on that unfortunate rigidity of day-to-day information processing in humans

As most of us here probably know, these days the denizens of planet Earth are living through a large-scale propaganda war. I reside in the country that has long been branded as “the axis of Evil”, and now that this brand is being actively revived, I can’t help but review the stances and beliefs of all the various parties involved.

And it makes me wonder (c).

Oh no, it really makes me wonder.

It’s nothing new, right, but these days, it’s just so blatantly evident how willingly blind people tend to be.

The biggest problem is this: most people appear to be dead sure that the truth is Either-Or.

As if in any given conflict there are two parties, where someone should be “right”, while someone else should be “wrong”.

But the very nature of the electromagnetic world we live in – the all-underlying wave-particle duality – suggests that the truth is more like And.

Every party involved surely has at least a single relevant point. And woe betide those who try to simplify conflicts as happening between just two sides of the story: no visible side is united; there are always invisible currents.

It’s not just “a geopolitical thing”. It’s everywhere.

I know why it’s like that, A mind cannot process the world as it is; it only can work with an internal model of said world. And a model made up of just two polar forces is way easier to work with than something more complex.

But a simple model will only give you very crude results. And the world you’ve so unabashedly simplified might well backfire at your preposterous “solutions”.


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