Fibermesh eyebrow bundle…

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for only $7.5 till Aug 29th!

These are technically for G3 (one pair for G3M, another for G3F), but with a little extra effort (parenting amd manual posing), they will work with any figure.

Kaer Morhen 2.0

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It is now understood, for example, that great height is due to the combination of an unusually large number of positive variants, and possibly some very rare mutations that have a large effect on their own.

The genomics researcher George Church maintains a list of some of these single mutations. They include a variant of LRP5 that leads to extra-strong bones, a variant of MSTN that produces extra lean muscle, and a variant of SCN9A that is associated with pain insensitivity.4

Church has also been involved in one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of recent decades: the development of a highly efficient gene editing tool called CRISPR, which has been approved for clinical trials for medical applications. If CRISPR-related technologies develop as anticipated, designer humans are at most a few decades away. Editing is most easily done soon after conception, when the embryo consists of only a small number of cells, but it is also possible in adults.

I don’t even know now what I want for my first post-singularity birthday ;D

Anyone else here fervently hoping for the (technological) singularity to arrive ASAP, BTW?

…it might not hurt if every professor, opinion journalist, and foundation expert, as a condition of career advancement, had to spend a year or two working in a shopping mall, hotel, hospital, or warehouse. Our out-of-touch intelligentsia might learn some lessons that cannot be obtained from books and seminars alone.

…would be having those American professors try to survive for a few months on the average salary of their Russian colleagues. And not those from Skolkovo (you probably know it as Skoltech), but those from other “national research universities”.

This is my thread on the DAZ forums, where a user posted other tips (which didn’t work for me) and I posted a workaround I discovered.

Actually I probably like it even more – when using the library from Firefox, the icons are much bigger.

Or, the science behind the Ents.

Supposing you didn’t fall out of your chairs laughing, let me remind you that this fifty year anniversary is today.

Who would’ve thought.

And who would’ve thought that in summer 2016, Hansi would sing in German for the first time on record, duetting with Micha “Das letzte Einhorn” Rhein of In Extremo.

And sing about all that is good in RUSSIA.

Over ten years ago, Hansi recorded a vocal line for one of our local bands called The Arrow. The album version is a duet with Alexander Cap, but I can’t seem to find it streamable anywhere. So you’ll have to do with a demo fragment that only features Hansi. Funny how it seems to have better production than the finished track… either way. Whatever the official German policy is/was/will be regarding Russia, good people are good people.

And let’s drink to that.

that quote =)

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About two witcher swords, both of which are for monsters.

There are two things that are annoying about this vid: a) the English voiceover, which is just as meh as those English translations of pan Sapek’s books; b) a total lack of any and all visual improvements – because the game can look so much better these days. Check out some of my screenshots from Chapter I, using texture mods, SweetFX via ReShade, and NVIDIA Profile Inspector for AO, AA an’stuff.


All Rise, a relatively new metal band from Finland, featuring two ex-Teräsbetoni members: Jari Kuokkanen, the drummer extraordinaire; and Vili Rantanen, guitarist/songwriter/whaddayacallit (not the one with that glamorous mane – that would be J. Caven, author of this particular song).
All Rise singer, Niko Rauhala, may not be exactly as much of a jaw-dropping technique monster that Jarkko Ahola was (or is; his projects bore me to tears these days, so I just don’t follow him anymore), but he _is_ very good.
The video itself is also quite clever: stylish B&W, and a smart way not to show “real gore” but still invoke this psychopath vibe.

Speaking of psychopaths…

Ninety bucks for a starter bundle? And I thought Gen5 were expensive. Hell, Gen4 Pro bundles are ninety bucks. It may be a discounted price from the one at release, I don’t know (I first got my Gen4 Starter bundles with the Figures Characters and Avatars book, and only got the Pro bundles much later in a crazy good promotion when they were given away, with either good new releases or a past-some-sum shopping cart).

The character is definitely my favourite out of the whole G3M line (finally a youthful look!), albeit why he, an “Action Hero”, should be so damn short is beyond my understanding.

If I were a new DS user, I might have wishlisted this bundle, but since I’ve been doing this since late 2007 when I first had a trial copy of Poser 5, I just don’t see the appeal.

Especially for the price.

You think this is a good hair model for 2016? I beg to differ.

People who accept anything less realistic than this AprilYSH model – those people use their wallet-voting power for the detriment of the community. As long as we go on to buy subpar efforts, they will be made.

close but no cigar

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Here is a post I made on the DAZ forums where I try to match my 3Delight mats in Iray.

I don’t check my GPU temperature when I game. Maybe I should log it, or something. These multiple 1.5+ hour Iray sessions raised the GPU temperature to as high as 80C. And I refrained from rendering on hotter days! Oh my. If only I could have air conditioning at home.

And even though I rebuilt my Iray settings from the ground up, making them much closer to my 3Delight materials in structure, there’s still a difference.

I know some people will prefer the Iray look, but hey, these are my materials, so what matters most is my opinion. =P

Either way, I’m glad I undertook this because I learnt more about this “Iray Uber base” DS material. Gotta be useful one day.

Greg, Michele, I remember I sent you my older “magic” presets once; would you be interested in an updated version?


70% off, so I gave in and bought it. See if you catch it.